How to enable hidden MIUI Camera on AOSP Features | ANXCamera Pro

As you know Xiaomi imposes feature restrictions even on slightly aging devices. Here is a big example, camera. The Xiaomi Mi 9’s camera sensor supports 12800 ISO, while Xiaomi limited it to 3200. And Pro mode in the video also hidden for Xiaomi Mi 9. These restrictions are innumerable. You will use ANX Pro app for unbreak these limits. And of course for this you must have installed ANX Camera on an AOSP based ROM.


Firstly you must use an AOSP based rom. And Anx Camera must be installed. If you didn’t install Anx Camera, look the top of article. You will see the Anx Camera article. Don’t be fooled by “All” lettering. Because if you have a Redmi Note 8, you can enable telephoto section with Anx Pro. But You can’t take a photo with it. “All” features according to device specifications.

Removing ISO limit via Anx Pro

This one will remove the ISO limit and enables pro mode video.

  • Open Anx Pro app. Then tap the “Grant Permissions” button. After that allow the storage permission.

anx pro

  • After that you will see too many functions. For removing ISO limit, tap the search button and type “ISO”. After that tap the first one. tap “Add” button and enable it. Then tap the save button of right-bottom. Then tap the Camera button marked with green square.

  • Now go to “Pro” tab  in the Anx Camera. you will see your ISO limit is increased even more. Also your exposure time too increased even more.

Before Anx Pro

After Anx Pro with removing iso limit

Don’t be fooled by the 30 seconds long exposure time. It goes from 16 seconds to 32 seconds in stock, but in this way, exposure times such as 22, 23 can be adjusted.

  • Also as you can see video mode too activated in pro mode.

Activating long exposure sections via Anx Pro

  • This too so simple like removing ISO limit. Enter the Anx  Pro app and search for “long exposure”. Tap the first one, add and enable it too. Tap save and restart Anx Camera.

  • Then go to “More” tab and you will see long exposure button. Just tap on it and select a mode for use.

Activating dual video mode via Anx Pro

  • For that open app and search for “dual”. You will see dual video mode. Activate and enbale it. Then restart the Anx Camera.

  • After that go to more tab again, now you will see dual video mode too.

You can enable all software features (depends your device’s features) like that. An example if you don’t have, you can activate Vlog mode too. Just explore inside of app little bit.

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