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How to exit Fastboot mode on Xiaomi Devices?

Some Xiaomi devices entering fastboot mode by itself. Usually devices are entering fastboot mode when charging, after updates or after reboot. In this situation people don’t know what to do and they panic. There is nothing to afraid of. In this article you’ll learn how can you exit from fastboot mode.

Exit Fastboot mode using power button

You can press the power button until device reboots. when you do that the phone will restart to system automatically. Holding down the power button for 15 seconds forces the phone to hard reboot. Usually we using that method when device is stuck in twrp or fastboot mode.

Exit Fastboot mode using PC

If you have a PC you can exit from fastboot mode using ADB&Fastboot. If you don’t have ADB&Fastboot driver you can get it here.

First enter run using Windows + R buttons.

Then type “cmd” here. And click OK.

Type “fastboot devices” and you will see your device in cmd.

Then type “fastboot reboot” If everything is OK. you will see this output message.

Thats it you have succesfully exited from fastboot mode.

Wait for charge is over

Something else, you can do wait until the charge over. When charge is over, you can open your phone via pressing power button for 3 seconds.

Install Firmware

If you did all of these steps but didn’t work ? You have to install Fastboot Firmware.

That’s how easy it is to get out of fastboot mode. now you can use these articles for exiting fastboot mode.

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