How to extend your battery life with Battery Guru

Everyone understands the importance of having a strong battery in their smartphone. In this article, we will show you an app called Battery Guru to give you more battery life along with some more additional detail to get the best battery life out of your phone.

When your battery becomes too weak to power your smartphone, you lose access to all of your apps and services. This is an inconvenience if it happens in the middle of a class or while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. To help users keep their batteries strong, manufacturers include numerous charging and battery-saving features in their devices. However, users still need to know how to make the most of these features.

How to set up Battery Guru

Enter the app, and press the arrow on bottom. The app will show you small demos along with the setup itself to get you started.

The app will ask you to also give access to some permissions just so that it doesn’t get killed by your smartphone.

On the last step, the app will ask you to calibrate Battery Guru to complete setup. Just give it time and it will do it by itself after you press the “Calibrate” button. And after that, you’re in the app.

Things you can do after set up

The app does let you to see the generic things such as your battery health, charging state, and many more.

The app also gives you many options to get more battery life out of your device, along with some tips.

You can also check your usage on history with details.

You can also see even more detailed usage and options inside the app.

The app also shows you a detailed notification about your usage on the notification panel, just so you can be aware of your battery.

Additional things you can do to get more battery life

1. Use your phone’s Battery Saver feature as much as possible. This feature automatically limits some apps and services when your battery gets low and shuts down when it hits zero percent power. According to Battery Guru, 90 percent of users reach their low-battery warning with the Battery Saver feature enabled. As a result, they can save even more time by regularly running this feature when they need to save power instead of saving power first.

2. Plan ahead when charging your phone so that you don’t waste time waiting for a full charge. According to Charging Times, most smartphone batteries only retain around 80 percent of their original capacity after three months of use— which is why it pays to charge early and often during this period. Additionally, charging before your device reaches zero power keeps your phone running longer without draining its battery further. On top of that, there are also third-party cases that include built-in magnets for convenient magnetic charging stations or even wireless charging pads for more flexible charging habits.

Taking these steps can improve the lifespan — and utility — of any smartphone’s aging battery. However, it’s important not to take these steps too far or ignore potential problems with weak batteries altogether . As The Guardian puts it , “A dead phone is a sad thing… but a dead laptop is an emergency situation…” A dead laptop may be due more than just conservative handling; increased storage space could be in order!

Download the app

You can download the Battery Guru from here.

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