How to fix battery drain of Xiaomi Devices with MIUI 13?

Battery drains are every single mobile phone user’s problem, there are many ways to fix battery drain, but for Xiaomi users, this guide will take the cake. The battery drain on Xiaomi devices sometimes can be so annoying. For example, Mi 9 has a chronic problem with camera apps draining the battery, using a camera app for 10 minutes will take out %50 of the battery. That cannot be fixed. But the usual battery drains can be fixed.

Fix Battery Drain: What causes the battery drain?

There are several reasons for what’s causing the battery drain in the first place. The main reason(s) can be installed too many apps or apps not adapting to MIUI’s battery optimization system. MIUI’s optimization system is something hard-coded, but some of the apps cannot adapt to it and cause battery drain. Or it could be that your Android is not optimized at all in the first place. Now, let’s check on how to get to fix battery drain.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

There might be some apps you don’t even use that drain your battery so much that you wouldn’t expect. If you have 40-50 apps and you forgot to uninstall the useless ones, this might be the time to uninstall them, Android is known for giving every single app the equivalent amount of battery. Even if you don’t run an app, It will still eat your battery.

Optimize Via ADB

This optimization method is going to be from the ADB service. Dexopt is an optimization method that mainly focuses on the internal part of battery optimization. It is highly recommended to run this command at certain times, Dexopt can run itself every time your battery successfully reaches up to %100. But sometimes, you might need to run it manually. Dexopt is one of the best solutions to fix battery drain. ADB is also used for many more optimization methods for Xiaomi devices, such as debloating and smoothing the animations, you can check out how to make animations smoother for MIUI 13 by clicking here and debloating Xiaomi devices by clicking here.

The Requirements

The requirements for this optimization method are so easy to have:

  • ADB Platform Tools, you can install ADB by clicking here, you can learn how to install and use ADB properly by clicking here as well.
  • USB Debugging Enabled by phone.

The Instructions

  • First off, we need to check if our device can be seen by ADB properly, for that, we need to type in “adb devices“.
  • Then, type in “adb shell cmd package bg-dexopt-job
  • Or type in “adb shell “cmd package bg-dexopt-job”
  • Reboot your device.

Keep in mind that this optimization service takes up to 20 minutes to 3 hours, patience is needed for this operation.

Format your phone

Sometimes, the optimizations and everything else just don’t work, you have to wipe your phone’s data, from the start to open a new experience without any battery drains. You can check out the ways how to format your phone by clicking here.

Update your phone constantly

To fix battery drain problem, Xiaomi makes several updates on fixing the battery-related bugs, do improvements to the battery optimization service, and adds new app support to make your device more optimized in terms of battery usage. Xiaomi’s battery patches must fix this issue.

Change your battery

And sometimes, uninstalling apps, ADB optimizations, and even formatting/upgrading your device from scratch cannot work, the problem might be inside your hardware. A phone’s battery has several years to work fresh. After approximately 2 to 3 years of average usage, the battery might start to decrease its performance, then, it’s time to get a new battery for your phone. This would be the perfect solution to fix battery drain.

Contact Technical Services

Even when the battery charge won’t work, it’s time to contact the technical services to inform them about your battery drain. To fix battery drain, the technical service will try everything they have on hand, even changing the whole motherboard inside your phone. Technical services will pay for everything if you have your warranty on your device. If you don’t have a warranty on the device, contact the local technical services.

For The Custom Rom Users: Contact your developer

To the people who are using custom ROMs, the developer might’ve done a flaw in the battery optimization methods. This bug might prevent to have battery optimization on your device, hence, causing the battery drain itself. If you are using an official custom ROM. Make sure the latest update has been installed. The maintainer will include the bug fixes on the latest update.

If you have an unofficial custom ROM on your device, contact the developer immediately about the bug, and send logcat to the developer to look at the issue and fix it. If there is no fix for that bug, better be looking for another custom ROM or to revert a stock ROM. Reverting to the stock rom might be the best solution to fix battery drain.

Fix Battery Drain: The Conclusion

If those workarounds didn’t work, it’s maybe time to upgrade your device. Upgrading your device could be the best solution to fix battery drain. All these steps will help in fixing the high amounts of battery draining problem. Xiaomi is highly focused on battery life solutions with their newer devices, making the best battery optimization methods there ever is on Android devices. MIUI is the best OS in terms of bug fixing, bug reporting, community fixes, and more.

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