How to Install MIUI 13 Gallery on Any Custom ROM

Mi Gallery App is the stock gallery app of MIUI. But if you have installed a custom ROM you can’t install Mi Gallery via Play store or apk. You need some additional steps to install and run it properly. Today we are going to explain you the details about installing Mi Gallery on any Custom ROM and device.


Custom Roms has always been giving us the best advantages that eases and enhances our experience. They has been offering us fluidity, performance tweaks, improved battery life and so much more. But there is a con of custom ROMs that may bother some Xiaomi users. They usually come with Pixel’s stock gallery or some other basic and stock gallery apps. OK, there are so many gallery apps on Play Store, but they either contain ads or some useless features or even not any feature at all. So, according to some users the existing gallery apps on Play Store can’t be a replacement of Mi Gallery. However, even if they have tried to install it via their browser or apks, they can not run the app without some additional steps. Let’s find out…

Before starting, there are some requirements that you need to provide:

  1. Rooted device How to Root MIUI 13 Beta?
  2. Properly installed Magisk What is Magisk? & How to install Magisk Modules?
  3. (Optional) Backup for unexpected errors or bootloops. (recommended)


1) Download the Magisk modules given below

Download these two files called “Magisk Modules”, which we are going to install inside Magisk.

MIUI Core Module: Download

MIUI Gallery Global Module: Download

2) Launch the Magisk app and go into the “Modules” section

Go to Magisk app’s homepage and find the puzzle icon below to enter the modules tab. You should see this: (Ignore installed modules)

3) Click on the “Install from storage” button and locate Miuicore… file

Don’t forget. Following the order is crucial! Otherwise, you cannot be succeeded. Firstly, you need to press “Install from storage” button. Then locate our first module whose name starts with MIUI Core… Then wait for installing process to be completed. You should be seeing this screen after successfull install:

4) Do not reboot. Go back to step 3 and repeat it for the other file

Now, check what you have done: You have downloaded the files then installed the core module and finally you come to this step. Once you have installed the core file, you also need to install the main gallery app’s module. Without core, gallery app can’t run.

5) Press the reboot button after second file’s installation

After installing both module’s installation, you need to reboot in order to let the modules to start operating.

6) Congratulations! You have successfully installed MI Gallery

Enjoy the great features of your gallery app!

Credits: RyukiMods