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How to Make Xiaomi Phone Look Like iOS

iPhone has a simplistic looking operating system called iOS in their devices. MIUI is somewhat closer to it, but not same as iOS. You can make them look same by following this!

iOS(iPhone OS) is mostly known for being simplistic and easy to use for the user itself. While MIUI is also simple to use, it is nowhere close to iOS on simplicity. This guide let’s you to make your MIUI device using themes and root.


• Magisk

• LSPosed(Riru)

• Patience


  • Download all the required files below.


  • Open magisk, go to modules.
  • Tap “Install from storage”.


  • Choose the Magisk theme module you just downloaded.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Go to themes application.


  • Go to “Customize theme”, then go “Icons”.
  • Apply any icon pack here. Then revert back to classic one.
  • And now we have the iOS user interface on the device, but we’re not totally done yet.


  • On the below steps we will get the iOS styled lock screen and notification bar(refer to the image above).
  • Go to here and find a zip that is for your module. If there is none, you might need to ask them in their group.
  • Download the module, enter magisk, and flash the module.
  • Reboot the device.


  • For the dock and recent apps, please follow this guide.


Magisk Theme Module

Notification Panel Group

Please keep in mind that this guide is not meant to be “install iOS on android”. It’s only to make the MIUI look more closer to the iOS. And also the admins in Notification Panel Group might be busy, please avoid spamming them as well.

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