How to report bugs on MIUI and Xiaomi devices?

Bugs are indispensable for MIUI. But unbearable for users. There are 2 ways to get rid of these bugs. First one changing the ROM to and stable AOSP ROM. But many users don’t know how to change ROM. This is where the 2nd way comes into play.

We can report bugs to Xiaomi developer team. Once we send the grievances with the necessary logs the developers will get to work to resolve them. And they will release it as a public update. In this way, we will get rid of bugs. In this article you will learn reporting bugs on MIUI.

How to Report a Bug on MIUI Global

A bug on Xiaomi deviced is not anything unheard especially when users encounter certain irritating or problematic issues daily with their Xiaomi products. These issues might include any problems with the device’s performance, display, or usage. Whenever a bug is reported, it is essential to locate and report the bug in order to help Xiaomi to solve the issue as quickly as possible, and improve the quality of the products they offer.

In order to report a bug on Xiaomi devices, Xiaomi offers an app called “Services and Feedback”, open this app on your app drawer. From the tabs that are located down below, tap “Feedback”. On this screen, you can write about the bugs you encounter while using MIUI, add logs, screenshots and other types of documents. Another way to make a feedback is:

  • Go into Settings > About phone > All specs
  • Tap on CPU 6 times

Reporting bugs on MIUI China

  • Open the “Services & feedback” app. You will see FAQ tab. Firstly search your problem in here. If you found your problem here, you will have solved your problem immediately without waiting in vain.

enter for report bugs

  • Getting logs, always useful. It will help to developers for fixing bugs. If possible tap get logs and select your issue then tap start button. If you see a warning, just tap agree button. After that tap “Go home to screen”. You will go to home screen. Now try to repeat the bug, when it repeats re-enter the app. Then tap “Finish and upload” button.

  • After that you will see reporting details. If you will report a bug, tap “Issues” button. If you will make a suggestion, tap “Suggestions” button. Then type your issue. Take care to follow the description when typing the bugs.

  • Adding an image or video too speeds up the problem solving process. Tap the marked place on the first photo to add a photo or video. After that you need to select a bug type. Tap the “Select items” button.

  • Then select the bug of you facing. If you can’t find, you can search the bug. After that tap “Reproductivity” button and choose how often you faincg the bug. Then select current time.

  • After that type your email adress or your phone number. because feedback is sent to you via email. Then tap enable the add logs section for sending logs. If you don’t have logs, it’s not needed.

  • Then tap the send button. It will ask to you uploading logs. tap “upload” button. Then you will see privacy policy. tap “don’t show again” button and tap “Agree” button.

This will generate a comprehensive bug report in an archive file under “Internal shared storage/MIUI/debug_log” folder and it will automatically send it to Xiaomi servers so you do not need to do anything extra. If you want to take a break from the bugs and performance issues, you may want to switch to a custom rom. Check Most Popular Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Devices 2022 content for viable options.

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