Most Popular Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Devices 2022 April

The popular custom roms nowadays are quite a lot of. Most developers work to develop the popular custom roms. The fact that Android is open source also provides a lot of possibilities for third-party developers. Developed on pure Android, roms offer Android more performance and features to users. Custom roms can be one of the best features of Android devices. By using the popular custom roms, you can make your Android device more performant and customize it more. If you are here, you are looking for a custom rom that will be suitable for your device. So, what are the popular custom roms? Which custom rom will make my device more efficient?

The popular custom roms may differ from person to person. Each rom determines its user base and develops custom roms for them. That’s why, instead of a single rom, we need to compile the best and most popular custom roms. From the best roms in this article, you can find the one that suits you and use the one you like the most in terms of features. Many developers compile these roms specifically for devices.

Best of the Popular Custom Roms: Paranoid Android (AOSPA)

Paranoid Android, which we have heard frequently in the Android rom world recently, is one of the robust and performance roms that have gained ground. It is one of the best roms that is liked by the users and surpassed itself in terms of performance and features. Its features and mission attract many users.

Paranoid Android Features:

Paranoid Android, which has been made compatible with almost all devices, is designed for devices of all variations. It also supports features specifically found on various devices, such as pop-up camera support and FOD (fingerprint on-display) support. Paranoid Android, one of the best roms where you can customize a lot, allows you to customize your navigation bar. It has the “Gestures” feature that allows you to add features to the movements you make with your hand. With the advanced reboot, you can enter recovery or reboot normally when restarting your device. It also has SafetyNet support for most devices. AOSPA, which does not avoid features, allows you to impose cellular data, VPN, and Wi-Fi restrictions on each application. It also has its own unique features. If you are wondering about all the features, you can go to Paranoid Android’s own site by clicking here. If you only want Paranoid Android’s wallpapers, you can go to all Paranoid Android wallpapers by clicking here.

Second Popular Custom Rom: PE (Pixel Expreince)

Pixel Experience, which comes to the aid of Google lovers, comes out as a custom rom that contains all google applications. So that, you do not need to install an extra GApps and all Google applications are installed.Pixel Experience team, which aims to keep the security of devices at the maximum level, is based on the features offered by Google in terms of features. This custom rom, which is quite advanced in terms of usability and security, is preferred by many users.  You can go to the official site by clicking here to get detailed information about the rom, donate and install it on your device.

One of the popular custom roms: crDroid

Based on the LineageOS, the rom that continues CyanogenMod’s legacy. crDroid comes across as a rom with more customization possibilities. The difference from other popular custom roms is that it allows the user to customize the interface by increasing their customization. In addition, it has performance-oriented features in most roms. It also includes features such as game mode, pocket detection, and smart charging. At the same time, thanks to the customizations offered by crDroid, you can adjust all the colors on your device yourself. Click here to go to crDroid’s website and find the crDroid Offical custom roms compiled for your device.

Best Simple Custom Rom: ArrowOS

One of the popular custom roms for those who keep things completely simple and don’t want unnecessary extra features is ArrowOS. ArrowOS is a custom rom that is pure form of Android’s Open Source, which does not add any extra features as well as the most used features. Offering a bug-free custom rom, ArrowOS has also added features that prioritize performance and battery life. Click here to download the rom and have detailed information.

The roms given above have been carefully selected from among the popular custom roms. Ranking is determined by the votes of the users. If you are looking for a custom rom, installing one of the popular custom roms above should be enough for you. Choose a rom from the list above, like it and go to its site. You can download and install the one that suits you. Thus, you can use one of the popular custom roms.

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