How to Screen Record on Samsung

The feature screen record on Samsung has been there for quite a while now, and it allows you to make a video of your screen in order to document the processes on your phone, help out others and so on. Because of this feature, you no longer need to deal with external apps or their annoying ads.

How Do I Use Screen Record on Samsung?

Samsung devices have a screen recorder feature that records everything on your screen from just Quick Panel, even yourself if you’re using the front camera. For security and privacy purposes, some apps do not allow screen recording.

In order to screen record on Samsung devices:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen in order to open the Quick Settings panel.
  • Once you swipe left, you will see the Screen recorder toggle.
  • Click on that and a countdown will show up and when it’s done, it means you have started recording

If you want to record yourself with the front camera while recording, tap the front camera icon that looks like a person. With the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, you can even write to the screen with the S Pen while recording by just tapping the Pencil icon. However, you cannot interact with your apps while typing on the screen.

If you press and hold the Screen recorder icon from the Quick Panel, it will redirect you to the Settings menu where you can choose which sounds are recorded, such as whether you want to record in-app sounds only or your voice as well. You can also choose to record in 1080p, 720p or 480p. If you are recording with the front camera, you can adjust the popup size. All it takes is a few swipes to start using your phone and screen recording without ever needing to install a third-party app on your Samsung device.

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