How to Take a Partial Screenshot on Xiaomi

Partial screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones is a great way to capture important bits of information while you are using your phone. The feature is available on most Xiaomi smartphones and it is very easy to use.

How to take partial screenshot on Xiaomi?

Partial screenshots are a type of screenshot where only a specific part of the screen is captured. Partial screenshots can be used for security purposes, to hide identifying features such as phone numbers or email addresses and so on. In Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system, you can take a screenshot of any part of your screen with a square, circle or any shape you draw. The steps to take partial screenshot on Xiaomi are just as easy and quite similar to taking full screenshots.

In order to take a partial screenshot on Xiaomi devices:

  • Hold 3 of your fingers on the screen until the partial screenshot menu appears.
  • You will see at top right corner 3 shapes that you can use; square, circle and free form. All you need is just to tap the icon of the shape you want to use.
  • In order to save these screenshots, you have to tap save button on bottom right. Also you can edit your partial screenshot by tapping the edit button.

The feature partial screenshot on Xiaomi is an important and useful feature of Xiaomi phones and even though it is not unique, it is not common either. The screenshots you take are saved into your gallery as PNG files. If you have enjoyed learning about this feature and wish to also know about taking long screenshots, you can check out the Take extended screenshots! Long screenshot feature content.

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