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How to Take Cropped Screenshot on Xiaomi — Partial Screenshots

Do you know, you can take partial screenshots on MIUI?

How to take cropped screenshot on Xiaomi? This is a question that is wondered by most Xiaomi users, although not every user. As you know, you should use 3 fingers down or power + vol down button combination for taking normal screenshots. But today you will learn taking partial screenshots on your Xiaomi device.

So, what is partial screenshot? allows you to select specific parts of the screen, unlike normal screenshots. In Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system, you can take a screenshot of any part of your screen with a square, circle or any shape you draw.

How to take cropped screenshot on Xiaomi?

First you need, a phone with MIUI operating system. And these steps are easir than taking full screenshots. You need to use 3 fingers like taking normal screenshots. But you won’t swipe to down, you shoud hold pressing with your 3 fingers until the partial screenshot menu appears.

  • Hold your fingers until the partial screenshot menu appears like photo below.

  • Then, you can take partial screenshot  with 3 types. Square, circle and freely. All of you need just tap the icon what shape you want.
  • For saving these screenshots, you have to tap “save” button on right-bottom. Also you can edit your partial screenshot via tapping the “edit” button.

How to take cropped screenshot on Xiaomi

What you need to do is that simple for taking partial screenshot. Now, you got the answer of How to take cropped screenshot on Xiaomi? question. Also these screenshots saving as a PNG file. But this feature is not available for all users. That means backround of your screenshot will be blank. Also if you don’t know taking long screenshots, you must read it.

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