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How to use Super Wallpapers for Android Phone

what everyone is looking for in time, Super wallpapers for android phones. In this article you will learn installing and using the MIUI 12’s Super wallpapers. These wallpapers have animations that are really worth using. But unfortunately it is not compatible with AOD like MIUI. But the lock screen animations work just fine. Anyway let’s move on to the installation steps.


How to install Super Wallpapers for Android Phone?

  • You will find several folders in the link above. There are 3 different types of Super wallpapers in these folders. Choose your wallpaper type here.

Super Wallpapers for Android Phone list

  • Select an folder, then you will see 3 different options like photo below (except Super Saturn). You can download Super wallpapers in light or dark mode according to these folders. In MIUI, this process is automatic, but different APKs are made because it is not like this on other android devices.

Super Wallpapers for Android Phone 3 different types

  • And you will see 3 different Super wallpaper type again. This is the place selection area in MIUI. Since the applications cannot be fully ported, it is necessary to install them separately instead of installing them in one go. You can download it like that. Download an APK and install it.

  • Let’s move on to the steps to apply the Super wallpapers for android phone. Firstly download the Google Wallpapers app and open it.Then open it, scroll down to until you see “Live wallpapers”. When you find it, tap on it.

  • Then you will see the Super wallpapers that you installed. Select a wallpaper and tap the button on right-bottom marked with red for applying.

Some Screenshots from Super Wallpapers

You have successfully installed MIUI’s Super wallpapers. And you learned installing Super wallpapers for android phone. If you are wondering about the ANX camera with another MIUI app port, you can follow this article. We should also thank linuxct for porting these wallpapers.

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