Is it Dangerous to Update your Phone?

Every year each company is competing to get your hard-earned dollars by introducing a new product and features that you need they can get you to purchase a phone that you probably do not have to buy. They are doing this on purpose to make you buy a new phone. There are a number of reasons for it and we will explain these problems by touching on the question of ‘’Is it Dangerous to Update your Phone?’’

Should you Update your Phone?

You might think that there is no harm behind the continuous updates coming to your smartphone, but it is not as good as it seems. Most of the company release new updates to fix the bugs and security threats and brings improvements to the apps or the ROM itself, but they also make you update your phone to a newer one.

So, how do they make that possible? As they constantly releasing updates, and as you update your phone, your phone consumes more battery and provide less RAM after every update. It is absolutely safe to update your phone whenever you get an update notification but it depends on whether you do it or not.

We all agree that a smooth-running phone is way better than a laggy but up-to-date Android version phone. Your phone is best optimized for the Android version with which it is shipped but later it is not sure that the newer Android phone will give you the same experience as the earlier one.

There are several tests done to prove this situation. iPhone SE with the iOS 10.2.0 gave an impressive AnTuTu benchmark of about 130.000 at its time. After updating it to 10.3.1, there was an instant drop to about 82.000. As we have said before, updating your phone is not dangerous as it is saving you, and provides security while fixing the bugs, but at the same time, almost all the companies trying to make you buy a new phone.

Why your Phone will Get Slower?

You dropped a few hundred bills on a shiny new smartphone and at first, you were thrilled with how great the photos looked the crispness of the screen and how fast it was. Then, you fast forward a year or two and you are once top of the line, the phone feels like it is ready to pass out, but how does this happen?

You know how your phone often notifies you in the morning about how many apps had updated while it was charging overnight, it is just like software for a desktop PC. Mobile app updates often add new features which require ever more processing power and developers know that as phone manufacturers keep coming out with more powerful hardware, they can take advantage of it to produce more feature-packed apps.

This also means that older phones can get behind quickly as their hardware just cannot keep up with the demands of the newer versions of your favourite software, and a related problem is an operating system itself. OS updates are also tuned to take advantage of newer models due to the ever-expanding list of features that they aim to support.

Also, they tend to end up optimized for the most recent devices, since that is where the smartphone makers are generating much of the revenue. Having a lot of apps can slow your phone down too.

Is it Dangerous to Update your Phone?

The bottom line is that between upgrades that continually demand both CPU performance and storage space, and batteries that wear out in a few years, it is almost like the deck is stacked against you. So, you will feel compelled to keep buying new phones. It is not dangerous in a certain way, but you should keep an eye on it before updating your phone.

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