LineageOS 19 update is here! – New features and security improvements

LineageOS 19 update is finally here! The successor to the long-gone CyanogenMod has finally arrived, and it comes with many new features and improvements.

LineageOS 19 Update – features & more

The new LineageOS 19 update brings in a plethora of features, changes and updates, from new wallpapers, to feature updates, and more. And it would take a long time to talk about all of them, so here’s a complete changelog for LineageOS 19, from LineageOS’ official website.

LineageOS 19 Screenshots

Screenshots of LineageOS 19 are available below.

LineageOS 19 specific features

  • Security patches from March 2021 to April 2022 have been merged to LineageOS 16.0 through 19.
    • LineageOS 19 builds are currently based on the android-12.1.0_r4 tag, which is the Pixel 6 series tag.
  • The WebView service has been updated to Chromium 100.
  • The Lineage team has completely redone the volume panel introduced in Android 12, and instead made it a side pop-out expanding panel.
  • The gallery app has seen a large amount of improvements.
  • The Updater has also seen a large amount of fixes and improvements.
  • The web browser, Jelly has been improved.
  • The Lineage team have contributed and improved the calendar app, Etar.
  • The Lineage team has improved and contributed to the Seedvault backup app.
  • The Recorder app has been updated and seen bug fixes.
  • Android TV builds now ship with a different launcher, instead of Google’s launcher.
  • Android TV builds now ship with a key-handler that enable support for custom-keys on a wide-array of bluetooth and IR remotes.
  • The adb_root service is no longer tied to the build type.
  • The extract utilites have been improved for simplying device bring up and etc.
  • The AOSP Clang toolchain is now being used for kernel compilations.
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon Camera has been dropped, and devices that previously used it will now be shipping with AOSP’s Camera2.
  • Dark mode is enabled by default.
  • There’s a new setup wizard, with Android 12-style animations and icons.
  • The default app icons have been changed.
  • Due to AOSP switching to eBPF over iptables, some legacy devices have been dropped from the officially supported list.

LineageOS 19 and 18.1 updates

  • New default wallpapers.
  • Wi-Fi display is now available for users who choose to opt-in.
  • Support for custom charging sounds has been added.

Networking restrictions

LineageOS’ privacy oriented built-in firewall, restricted networking mode, and per app data isolation features were all rewritten to account for AOSP’s new restricted networking mode and BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter).

Iptables replaced with eBPF & legacy devices dropped

The AOSP code now includes an ePBF (Extended Berkeley Packet Filter) loader and library, which loads eBPF programs at boot to extend the functionality of the kernel. Due to this, iptables has been deprecated in the LineageOS 19 update, and therefore legacy devices running any kernel version below 3.18 have been dropped from official support.

Now, let’s get to the part you’re all waiting for.

Supported devices

ASUS Zenfone 5ZZ01R
Asus Zenfone 8sake
F(x)tec Pro1pro1
Google Pixel 2walleye
Google Pixel 2 XLtaimen
Google Pixel 3blueline
Google Pixel 3 XLcrosshatch
Google Pixel 3asargo
Google Pixel 3a XLbonito
Google Pixel 4flame
Google Pixel 4 XLcoral
Google Pixel 4asunfish
Google Pixel 4a 5Gbramble
Google Pixel 5redfin
Google Pixel 5abarbet
Lenovo Z5 Pro GTheart
Lenovo Z6 Prozippo
Moto G6 Plusevert
Moto G7river
Moto G7 Powerocean
Moto G7 Pluslake
Moto One Powerchef
Moto One Actiontroika
Moto One Vision / Motorola P50kane
Moto X4payton
Moto Z2 Forcenash
Moto Z3 Playbeckham
Nokia 6.1PL2
Nokia 6.1 PlusDRG
OnePlus 6enchilada
OnePlus 6Tfajita
Razer Phone 2aura
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (Wi-Fi)gts4lvwifi
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 (LTE)gts4lv
SHIFT SHIFT6mqaxolotl
Sony Xperia XA2pioneer
Sony Xperia XA2 Plusvoyager
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultradiscovery
Sony Xperia 10kirin
Sony Xperia 10 Plusmermaid
Xiaomi POCO F1beryllium

So, that’s all for the new LineageOS 19 update. What do you think about the new update? Will you install it on your device? Let us know in our Telegram chat, which you can join here.

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