What is Zepp Life? What happened to Mi Fit?

The name change has been made in the Mi Fit application developed by Xiaomi for smart bands and smart watches and used by many Xiaomi users! The app is now called Zepp Life! So what is this Zepp? Why was the name changed in the Mi Fit application?

What is Zepp?

Zepp is actually the new name of the smartwatch and smartband company’s app we know as Amazfit. Zepp (formerly Amazfit) is a product of Huami, a sub-brand of Xiaomi. In short, it’s a product of a sub-brand of Xiaomi. Of course, you remember the smartwatches and smartbands sold under the name Amazfit. In most countries it was not sold as Amazfit but as Xiaomi Amazfit (just like Redmi or POCO).

Currently, the Mi Fit app is called Zepp Life. It seems that Xiaomi will switch the Mi Band series completely to the application called Zepp Life. Actually, we talked about it.

What Has Changed in New Application?

App interface is the same, only the app name and logo are changed, for now. Package name is the same, in other words, Mi Fit application will turn into Zepp Life application with a single update. Latest Mi Fit version is 5.6.0, it’s upgraded to 6.0.0 with new Zepp Life version. There will probably be new changes in future updates. After all, app renaming takes a while because it’s important for people to be aware of what’s going on.

So What Happens to the Mi Band Series?

In fact, we talked about this a few weeks ago in our Mi Band 7 article. We said that Xiaomi’s next Mi Band 7 series will run Zepp OS. Such a move was likely to be made. Xiaomi’s next smartbands (perhaps even smartwatches) will use Zepp OS compatible with Zepp Life app. Maybe even a name change in the Mi Band series, we’ll wait and see. We don’t think that there will be a problem in the products. You can continue to use your accessories, just a little renaming. As you know, Xiaomi loves to re-brand very much.

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For now, enjoy your Mi Band/Watch with your new Zepp Life app. We will keep you informed about the developments.

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