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MIUI 13 – Top Features of Update

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You might be wondering what new features have been added in the new MIUI 13 update. The list of new features is impressively long, but some of the most noteworthy additions include a redesigned control center, improved performance, new privacy controls, and news wallpapers.

Perhaps the most welcome change is the redesigned UI, which gives the interface a much-needed refresh. The new dark mode is also a nice addition, and the new privacy controls will help to keep your data safe. Overall, the new MIUI 13 update is a significant improvement over its predecessor.

MIUI 13 Features List

Overall, we can’t say that this is a huge update, and MIUI has still a lot to go on in terms of performance optimizations and bug fixes. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this update is futile and in the wrong direction. It is still very much improved compared to MIUI version 12. Note that some features may not be present depending on your device. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the changes one by one together.

Redesigned Control Center

MIUI 13 has a redesigned control center that makes it easier to use than ever before. The new design puts all of your most used controls in one place, so you don’t have to use buttons for them.  And if you need to access a control that’s not in the control center, you can still do so by swiping down from the top of the screen.

All devices doesn’t include it by itself. However, do not worry! Enabling it is as easy as installing a new APK into your system. You can use enable MIUI 13 guide for enabling new MIUI 13 Control Center.

New MIUI 13 Wallpapers

I assume we can agree that wallpapers are a very important and essential part of an OS that makes it look very nice and complete. Thankfully, MIUI doesn’t have trouble creating and offering as the best of the best wallpapers.

Looking at the visual side of changes in the update, one new addition that cannot go unnoticed is the new wallpapers. Xiaomi has added new static and live wallpapers into its collection. What stands out the most is the new crystalized wallpapers. You can use static MIUI 13 wallpapers images as wallpaper from here or you can use live wallpapers of MIUI 13 from here.

MIUI 13 Widgets System

Another visual change is the new widgets. Admittedly inspired by iOS, Xiaomi has added tons of new cool widgets that can decorate your home screen. It is not news that brands copy each other.

However, this copying back and forth should not be viewed as a bad thing as these widgets are great examples of how positively this affects us. Although widgets for system apps are there and decent looking, there is still a lacking of widgets in 3rd party apps, which of course is not on MIUI to solve. However, we hope to see new and new widgets in the future from these 3rd party apps. You can use MIUI 13 widgets for unsupported devices from here.

New MIUI 13 Font: Mi Sans

Xiaomi has decided to go with a new and improved font named MiSans. It’s rather a simple and minimalistic font that goes easy on the eye and makes the whole system look much much nicer.

If you do not prefer this font however, you still have the option to choose your own font through themes app. Unfortunately this font is exclusive to MIUI 13 China. You can reffer to this link for view Mi Sans font details.


Aside from visual changes, there are also a lot of new improvements on app and system side. One of them is the camera. Shutter in new updated camera now takes photos much faster.

Another added feature is the new Shoot with screen off option in settings that lets you continue shooting videos while the screen is off in order to save up on your battery life. There is also new Dynamic shots icon at the top toolbar that allows you to take motion photos as known as live photos.


With the new update, we have a small improvement on clock app as well. You can now add your sleep schedule to remind you to go to bed, and it also tracks your sleep and present you your stats.

New clock app now offers an option called Morning report to include a lot of very useful information such as weather in your alarm. It is a pretty good extension if you’re keen on keeping a healthy and organized sleep schedule.


Gallery app hasn’t much changed but you now have a floating button at the bottom to switch between all your photos and those taken by camera only.

Recommended section that was previously on three dots menu is now moved into a new tab, which has certain options like Collage, Clip, Video editor and so on. This section also includes Memories just like in Google Photos.

Enhanced Privacy

There are some changes in privacy area as well! When using face recognition, there is a new feature called Privacy camera to detect only faces and ignore anything else that is unnecessary.

There is also a new section Privacy protection lab, in which you have the options to protect your clipboard, enable approximate location and requiring approval when apps request your phone number information. Again, available options may vary depending on your device. One might argue that these privacy measures, despite being not bad, still not enough but it is good to see MIUI is still improving on this.

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