MIUI 14 Global Changelog: Officially Released

There is a little time left for the introduction of MIUI 14 Global. Xiaomi started rolling out MIUI 14 before the launch. With that, the MIUI 14 Global Changelog has officially appeared. MIUI 14 China and MIUI 14 Global show some differences. But this year the difference will not be much. The difference in previous versions was quite large. Although both MIUI versions aim to provide a better experience, MIUI China is one step ahead.

The new MIUI interface offers a renewed design language. System apps are being redesigned. Thus, a stylish MIUI 14 suitable for one-handed use appears. Also, it is not limited to this. MIUI is now faster, smoother, and more fluid thanks to Android 13’s excellent optimizations. For those wondering about the MIUI 14 Global Change Log, here it is!

MIUI 14 Global Changelog

MIUI 14 Global Changelog gives some clues. MIUI 14 is a new design-oriented MIUI interface. New system design, super icons, and more coming soon. At the same time, improvements were made to the system optimization. Memory usage is set to be optimal. This improves the fluidity, speed, and stability of the new MIUI interface. System apps you want to uninstall can now be easily uninstalled. With MIUI 14, the number of system apps has been reduced to 8. And many more innovations are waiting for you. Now it’s time to review the MIUI 14 Global Changelog!

MIUI 14 Changelog Global Update

MIUI 14 Global Changelog is provided by Xiaomi.

[MIUI 14] : Ready. Steady. Live.


  • MIUI uses less memory now and keeps being swift and responsive over much more extended periods.
  • Attention to detail redefines personalization and brings it to a new level.

[Basic experience]

  • MIUI uses less memory now and keeps being swift and responsive over much more extended periods.


  • Attention to detail redefines personalization and brings it to a new level.
  • Super icons will give your Home screen a new look. (Update the Home screen and Themes to the latest version to be able to use Super icons.)
  • Home screen folders will highlight the apps you need most making them just one tap away from you.

[More features and improvements]

  • Search in Settings is now more advanced. With search history and categories in results, everything looks much crisper now.

You see MIUI 14 changelog. The innovations that the new interface will bring are mentioned above. This is MIUI 14 Changelog specific to MIUI Global. It should be noted that MIUI Global will have fewer features due to some restrictions. MIUI China and MIUI Global are different versions of MIUI. The best MIUI is MIUI China. Some of Google’s imperatives affect MIUI Global badly. All the features available in MIUI China will not be in MIUI Global.

MIUI 14 Global and MIUI 14 China may not be the same. However, compared to MIUI 13 Global, the new MIUI Global interface includes significant improvements. With the improvements of Android 13, some new features have been added to MIUI. Users are very excited. Now we come with important news to make you happy. MIUI 14 Global update of 15 smartphones is ready. These builds will be available to users very soon.  Don’t worry, Xiaomi is working to make your users happy. We have listed the first 15 smartphones that will receive MIUI 14 Global update. You can check the list below!

  • Xiaomi 12 Pro V14.0.7.0.TLBEUXM, V14.0.5.0.TLBMIXM (zeus)
  • Xiaomi 12 V14.0.5.0.TLCEUXM, V14.0.2.0.TLCMIXM (cupid)
  • Xiaomi 12T V14.0.2.0.TLQEUXM, V14.0.1.0.TLQMIXM (plato)
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite V14.0.1.0.TLIMIXM (taoyao)
  • Xiaomi 11 Ultra V14.0.1.0.TKAEUXM (star)
  • Xiaomi 11 V14.0.1.0.TKBEUXM (venus)
  • Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE V14.0.4.0.TKOEUXM, V14.0.2.0.TKOMIXM (lisa)
  • Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G V14.0.4.0.TKIEUXM, V14.0.2.0.TKIMIXM (renoir)
  • Xiaomi 11T V14.0.3.0.TKWMIXM (agate)
  • POCO F4 GT V14.0.1.0.TLJMIXM (ingres)
  • POCO F4 V14.0.2.0.TLMEUXM, V14.0.1.0.TLMMIXM (munch)
  • POCO F3 V14.0.1.0.TKHEUXM (alioth)
  • POCO X3 Pro V14.0.1.0.TJUMIXM (vayu)
  • Redmi Note 11T Pro / POCO X4 GT V14.0.1.0.TLOMIXM (xaga)
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G V14.0.1.0.TKTEUXM, V14.0.1.0.TKTMIXM (pissarro)

Many smartphones will be updated to MIUI 14. We will inform you about the new developments of MIUI 14 Global. This is the currently known information. If you are wondering about devices that will receive MIUI 14, “MIUI 14 Update | Download Links, Eligible Devices and Feature” you can check our article. So what do you guys think about MIUI 14 Global Changelog? Do not forget to share your opinions.

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