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MIUI China vs MIUI India: Which Makes the User Happy?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between MIUI India and MIUI China ROM. People believe that MIUI China ROM has always been superior as compared to MIUI global or MIUI India. But it is the truth? Let’s find out more in this post.

MIUI China is really good compared with MIUI India?

Talking about the MIUI India ROM, the track record of MIUI in India isn’t so good. There are many reasons behind this, some are because of the business model of the company while some are due to other reasons. While, MIUI China has always been known as the supreme version of MIUI, with tons of features and probably, the most optimized version of MIUI. Here are pointwise features and keynotes which differentiate between both versions of MIUI.

MIUI India vs MIUI China SystemUI Comparision


Features are always being the known point of MIUI. The ROM has always been filled with multiple features here and there. The basic features such as split-screen, lock apps, customization features, personalization options are similar on both versions of MIUI. However, Chinese MIUI does have some China-exclusive features such as Privacy and Secure mode, but this will count as an add-on only. So, almost all the features are the same on both ROMs.

MIUI about phone
MIUI India vs MIUI China About Phone Comparision


Stability is one of the most important parts of any ROM. Well, the track record of MIUI India has not been very good over past times, but it has improved a lot. But even with improved stability, the stability of MIUI China ROM is unmatched. MIUI is also known as iOS of Android, because of their iOS-inspired animations, well basic animations are again similar on both the ROMs. But MIUI China has some extra added animations here and there which directly or indirectly makes the ROM look more good.

MIUI settings
MIUI India vs MIUI China Settings Comparision


Ads are probably the only point where MIUI India wins. There are not any ads present on the UI or system of MIUI India, however, you do get some recommendations and spammy notifications by GetApps and some pre-installed bloatware. MIUI India also has the advantage of Mi Browser being unpresent on the UI. While on the other hand, MIUI China has advertisement in many areas such as application folders, system apps and more. Thankfully, the recommendations and ads can be disabled on both versions of MIUI.

MIUI Home Screen
MIUI India vs MIUI China Home Screen

Update Cycle

Xiaomi follows the same update policy for all the versions of MIUI. However, in China, most of the Xiaomi midranges and flagship comes with 3 years of Android and 4 years of security updates. While in India, only a few devices come with 4 years of security update support. Other devices in India have 2 years of Android and 3 years of security update support. Also, the frequency of updates in MIUI IN ROM is not too regular, they miss out latest security patch most of the time. The Chinese version, on the other hand, gets regular updates compared with MIUI India.

MIUI Dialer
MIUI India vs MIUI China Dialer


MIUI is well known for its unusual bugs and glitches in UI. Xiaomi has been improving the MIUI further and further. But still, the number of Bugs present in MIUI is more, compared with other ROMs. Yes, MIUI China also has some unexpected bugs which kinda level downs the user experience.

However, the situation with bugs on MIUI India is terrible. Your device could come with more bugs than features. The camera dead and motherboard dead issue is one of MIUI India’s significant concerns that have yet to be resolved. It all started with the MIUI for POCO in the POCO X2, and now users of the Redmi Note 10 Pro are reporting the same problem. With the recent updates, many POCO X3 Pro users are experiencing motherboard and screen malfunctions. One could wonder why we are mentioning POCO here; however, the Xiaomi team also handles the MIUI for POCO. As a result, the Xiaomi team is solely accountable for everything.


You’ve probably figured out the answer by comparing the differences between these two ROMs. Yes, MIUI China is superior, more stable, and more trustworthy than MIUI India. MIUI India has made numerous compromises in the user interface’s stability and bug-fixing. When it comes to the Indian version of MIUI, the Xiaomi team is likewise not doing a great job. The most recent MIUI 13 is a prime example. In comparison to MIUI 13 China, MIUI 13 India is severely hampered. It’s no surprise that MIUI India has less functionality, but it can’t be as stable as MIUI China. Despite having more features and animations, which makes the UI heavier, MIUI China outperforms MIUI India.

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