New Expected Widgets: How to bring animal widgets in MIUI 14 Global ROM?

MIUI 14 is a custom Android interface developed by Xiaomi Inc. The new UI is known for its many useful features and also stands out with its high performance and efficiency. It should be noted that the MIUI design has been redesigned. MIUI 14 introduces a new design language. It provides super icons, animal widgets, and redesigned apps, point improvements to one-handed use. All this contributes to MIUI 14 being the best MIUI interface.

You know that MIUI 14 China has more features compared to MIUI 14 Global. This has always been the case with every MIUI. MIUI Global ROM users want to get the features available in MIUI China. There are some questions about this that come to us. With the new MIUI 14 China, animal widgets were presented to users in China.

However, MIUI 14 Global ROM does not have these animal widgets. So how to bring animal widgets to MIUI 14 Global ROM? Wondering how to use the new widgets you’ve been waiting for so long? If that’s your question, you’re in the right place. Now we give you the answer to this question. Keep reading the article for more information!

How to bring animal widgets in MIUI 14 Global ROM?

The new animal widgets look very impressive. Therefore, users asked us many questions about how to do it. How to bring animal widgets in MIUI 14 Global ROM? First, you need to upgrade some system applications to the latest version. You should also have a smartphone with MIUI 14 China ROM or If you have a friend using MIUI 14 China ROM, ask him for help.

MIUI 14 China will make a significant contribution to bringing animal widgets to the MIUI 14 Global ROM. I will bring animal widgets to my Xiaomi 12T Pro smartphone in this article. For this, I installed MIUI 14 China ROM on the Redmi K20 Pro that had used before. I currently Xiaomi 12T Pro model use has Android 13-based MIUI 14 V14.0.7.0.TLFEUXM version. After the preliminary information, let’s start explaining how to do it now!

New Widgets Requirements

  • Update MIUI System Launcher, App Vault, and Themes apps to the latest version. MIUI System Updates channel is one of the best telegram channels where you will find such apps. Download and install apps from the links. Do not forget to install these applications on your smartphone that has MIUI 14 Global ROM.
  • A smartphone running MIUI 14 China ROM is required.
  • It should work on most Xiaomi and Redmi models that have MIUI 14 Global ROM. However, this feature does not work on POCO smartphones.

Add any animal widget to the home screen of the smartphone has MIUI 14 China ROM as follows.

Then click on the Mi Cloud section in Settings. Take a home screen backup.

After taking a home screen backup, switch to your smartphone that has MIUI 14 Global ROM, and add the same Mi account to the device. Finally, enter the Settings app. Restore the home screen backup you took from Mi Cloud to your MIUI 14 Global ROM smartphone. The download will take some time.

You will now have animal widgets in MIUI 14 Global ROM. You can add any animal widget you want with this method.

The new MIUI 14 brings 6 animal widgets. These are cat, dog, fish, and some plant widgets. Especially the cat widget attracts people’s attention and I use it.

In the article, you learned how to bring animal widgets to MIUI 14 Global ROM. For more such articles, don’t forget to follow us and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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