New MIUI 13 Feature: App Dock

Xiaomi released a new update of Security app. With that update we can reach the apps quickly on anywhere. And apps are openin in PiP mode. The good thing is it still works on miui 12.5 and android 11 devices. So if you using an old device you can use that new feature. Now let’s see how it is activated ?


Activating new App Dock Settings

  • First download the activity launcher.
Activity Launcher
Activity Launcher
Developer: Adam Szalkowski
Price: Free
  • Then download and install the new Security app.
  • Then open the activity launcher. You will see a warning. Tap ok.

  • Then tap the search button and paste this “com.miui.dock.settings.DockSettingsActivity”. After that you will see an activity from Security app. tap on it.

  • After these steps you will see dock settings like first photo. If you want to use anywhere, enable “Always show” switch. If you want only enable while playing games or watching videos enable 2 section bottom of the always show section.

enabling app dock

  • After enabling, you will see a transparent bar on left-mid of the screen. For opening the dock just swipe to other side. Also you can change the place of that dock. Just press and hold and move it to where you want.

  • Swipe to the other side and open dock panel. Then select your app what do you want to open PiP mode. This feature already exists on MIUI. But that update makes more reachable.

Also you can use MIUI downloader app. This way is easier than other way. Install the Security app then open MIUI downloader. After that tap  “hidden features” tab. And you will see sidebar section. Tap on it. You can reach the App Dock settings using this way.

Now you can use the new app dock. Tested on MIUI 12.5 Android 11. Maybe won’t work other MIUI and Android versions. If you have other MIUI or Android version try it yourself.


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