New Xiaomi Devices On The Way: New Redmi K50 Devices and More

Xiaomi continues to produce new devices without slowing down! We found new devices that are getting ready to be introduced. As you know, the first member of the K50 series, K50 Gaming (ingres), was introduced recently.

New leaks available. We have reached the possible RAM / Storage information of the K50 series. Redmi K50 series includes a variety of versions. Redmi K50 (munch – L11R) has a max. 8+256GB storage. Redmi K50 Pro (rubens – L11A) has a max. 12+256GB storage. Redmi K50 Pro+ (matisse – L11) device has a max. 12+256GB storage. New models of devices are on the way with new color variants.

We have already mentioned the hardware specs of the Redmi K50 series in this article. Most other remaining features are available.


Another subject is a new 5G Xiaomi device. According to the certificate information obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, device’s model number is 22041219C. Combined with 3C certification, it shows that it will be an entry-level new Redmi device, equipped with a 22.5W charger and providing 4+128GB storage. May arrive at the next conference together with the Redmi 10A (220233L2C, 4G).

There is another device spotted from the same source. Another Xiaomi 5G device, model number is 2201116SC. Since it’s have 8GB-6GB/128GB RAM/Storage, probably a new mid-range Redmi device. Device specs can be announced within 1-2 weeks.


That’s all for now. We will be here with new leaks and new devices in the coming days. Just stay tuned.


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