[EXCLUSIVE] Redmi K50 camera specifications revealed

As we approached the launch date of the Redmi K50 series, the camera specifications were leaked by us. We are clarifying this topic, which is the subject of discussion especially on Weibo. We share the camera specifications of the Redmi K50 family.

Redmi K50 series will have 4 devices. L10, L11, L11A, L11R. L10 was introduced recently and it was Redmi K50 Gaming. The three members left of the family, the L11, L11A and L11R, for the next line. L11 codenamed as matisse, L11A codenamed as rubens and L11R codenamed as munch. These three devices are expected to be Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50 Pro+. But the camera specs are a bit confusing as usual. Perhaps the market names of these devices may be Redmi K50 Lite, Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro. Let’s leave the market names aside and talk about the exact information we have. The leaked specifications of these devices are as follows.

Redmi K50 Series Leaked Specifications

L11R – munch – Redmi K50 or Redmi K50 Lite or Redmi K40 2022 or Redmi K50E

  • Snapdragon 870
  • 48MP Sony IMX582 Main Camera + 8MP OV8856 Ultra Wide + Macro without OIS
  • 64MP OV64B Main Camera + 8MP OV8856 Ultra Wide + Macro without OIS (two variants)
  • 6.67″ 120 Hz E4 AMOLED Display

It is also very likely that the L11R device is Redmi K40 2022. We can understand this when we look at the technical specifications. All of the technical specifications are the same as the Redmi K40. Months ago, it was said on Weibo that a new version of the Redmi K40 using the 870 would arrive. According to this possibility, this device is likely to be the Redmi K40 2022.

L11A – rubens – Redmi K50 or Redmi K50 Pro

  • MediaTek Dimensity 8000
  • 48MP IMX582 Main Camera + 8MP Samsung S5K4H7 Ultra Wide (The number of cameras is unknown)

L11 – matisse – Redmi K50 Pro or Redmi K50 Pro+

  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000
  • 108MP Samsung S5KHM2 Main Camera

The L11R and L11 devices will be sold in the Global and Chinese market. However, the L11A will only be sold in China. The market list is as follows.

Model NumberModelCodenameBrandSoCRegion
21121210CL10ingresRedmi K50 GamingSnapdragon 8 Gen 1China
21121210IL10ingresPOCO F4 GTSnapdragon 8 Gen 1India
21121210GL10ingresPOCO F4 GTSnapdragon 8 Gen 1Global
22011211CL11matisseRedmi K50 Pro / K50 Pro+MediaTek Dimensity 9000China
22011211IL11matisseXiaomi 12X ProMediaTek Dimensity 9000India
22011211GL11matissePOCO F4 ProMediaTek Dimensity 9000Global
22041211ACL11ArubensRedmi K50 / Redmi K50 ProMediaTek Dimensity 8000China
22021211RCL11RmunchRedmi K50 / K50ESnapdragon 870China
22021211RGL11RmunchPOCO F4Snapdragon 870Global
22021211RIL11RmunchPOCO F4Snapdragon 870India

The launch date of the Redmi K50 series is still not certain. It can be introduced together with the MIX 5 series. We will of course see multiple posters by Redmi China before it is introduced. Through these posters, we will find out how close the devices are and what features are certain.

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