Official MIUI 13.5 logo revealed! Major MIUI update soon?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 months since MIUI 13 was first introduced. A MIUI 13.5 logo leak is recently discovered, and it seems that the new version of MIUI will be arriving sooner than we thought. The wait for the next big release has been long, but it looks like the wait may finally be over. While there’s no official word from Xiaomi yet, the leak suggests that MIUI 13.5 will bring a number of new features and improvements. So if you’ve been waiting for the next major update to MIUI, it looks like your wait may soon be over.

New MIUI 13.5 Logo

The new MIUI 13.5 logo is found inside official Xiaomi Mi Code! You may have noticed that the new MIUI 13.5 logo is slightly different from the MIUI 13 logo. The main difference is that the line in the number 3 has been removed. When this line is removed, the number 3 looks like both 3 and 5.

Some people believe that this change was made to represent the fact that MIUI 13.5 is a minor update between MIUI 13 and MIUI 14. Others believe that it was simply a design choice. Whatever the reason, we think the new logo looks pretty cool!

MIUI 13.5 and MIUI 13 logo comparison

You may have noticed that the logo for MIUI 13.5 is slightly different than the logo for MIUI 13. The size difference is intentional and reflects the updated design of MIUI 13.5. The new logo is sleeker and more modern, with a streamlined shape that better represents the user interface of MIUI 13.5.

The new MIUI 13.5 logo is a reflection of the updated UI and improved user experience of MIUI 13.5.

The number one in the new MIUI 13 logo has been thinned and elongated. The number three has also been redesigned to resemble both five and three. It looks like five if you draw a straight line, and five if you draw a side line. This represents MIUI 13.5.

You may have noticed that the colors in the MIUI 13.5 logo are different than in the MIUI 13 logo. Whereas the earlier MIUI 13 logo featured more pink, yellow, and orange tones, the newer logo has a purple and blue color scheme similar to that of the MIUI 11 logo. This change may be indicative of a return to the stability of MIUI 11 with the release of the MIUI 13.5 version.

There is no exact date when MIUI 13.5 will be released, but you can find information about MIUI 13.5 and its features here. And you can find MIUI 13.5 eligible devices here. The new logo for MIUI 13.5 is different from the previous one. It is less colorful and has different shapes in it. What do you think of the new MIUI 13.5 logo? Do you like it or not? Let us know in the comments below!


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