POCO X4 Pro 5G: Leaked Phone Hands On

Yesterday we leaked the wallpaper and name of POCO X4 Pro. Today, the POCO X4 Pro 5G itself has been leaked!

According to leaker, the POCO X4 Pro 5G was delivered to them early and they did an early review of the phone. Let’s hope they don’t get penalized by Xiaomi. Smartdroid says the high numbers don’t make sense. The 108MP camera and 120Hz display only make sense numerically. They say it’s pretty useless in terms of usability.

The design of the device is a large 6.67 inch 120 Hz AMOLED display on the front. On the back, there is a camera bar design very similar to the Google Pixel 6. Although this camera bar design looks very cool, there is a 108MP Samsung S5KHM2 camera without any optical image stabilization. We would like to remind you how important stabilization is when taking 108MP photos.

It also has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a Snapdragon 695 SoC with an Adreno 619 GPU. They said that the performance of this processor is low, and that it experiences stuttering while loading applications in the background.

This SoC has enough performance for playing Asphalt 9. But of course not as fast as on devices more expensive than 500 euros. Also POCO X3 Pro’s CPU is much faster (minimum 4x).

Leaker says, the indoor photos of the camera show the typical weaknesses of POCO phones, and shots aren’t amazing when the lighting isn’t good. The camera also isn’t automatically great due to the high resolution, and the performance is “good enough” for random photos, but you can only get high-quality photos only with effort, and a lot of sunlight.

Here are a few samples of the POCO X4 Pro’s camera:

More quotes from smartdroid.de;

“The display looks decent at first. It runs at a smooth 120Hz, but Xiaomi is not really convinced of this themselves either, since the 60Hz option is selected out of the box. One could say that the processor is the bottleneck for the high refresh rate display, when it comes to perceived and visible performance. I had a very similar experience with the Redmi Note 11. Althought the phone runs on MIUI 13, it’s still Android 11.”

“In conclusion, I don’t think this phone really surprised me. It looks cool and runs well, but it doesn’t have any outstanding features. The reason that people will buy it will most likely be the low price again. If this is low enough, the featured offered are definitely a strong point. The 67W fast charging, the 5G support and high memory will definitely catch the interest of many.”

Via: smartdroid.de

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