Reason why your Xiaomi Phones slow down

All smartphones tend to slow down over time, and Xiaomi phones are certainly not an exception to this fact. There are several reasons as to why this slowness occurs, and today we will be mentioning these talking points.

Slow Down is not Exclusive

Like many things in life, even device hardware has an expiration date and as you get closer and closer to that day, your hardware wears down slowly. It is quite like aging, and when the time comes, phone becomes dysfunctional, but it is quite a long process so we rarely see such cases.

The most wear down that we see on phones is the internal storage. Disks have a huge impact on performance, just like CPU and RAM. You can see the extend of this impact when you switch your hard drive on PC with SSD. It immensely boosts your performance, and that works the same way on mobile devices. As it wears down slowly, it takes away from the performance of the system.

One other thing worth mentioning about this slow down is that it is not just about hardware. As your device gets new UI and Android version updates, it starts to become outdated, not able to live up to and adjust to the standards of newer software. You can see this even on Apple devices, as Apple pushes new updates, older devices starts lagging on this newer software.

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