Redmi 12C price leaked ahead of the global launch!

Just 3 days before its introduction, the Redmi 12C price was leaked on the internet! The price of Redmi 12C appeared just before it was unveiled, on the Amazon Brasil website.

A few days ago, the Xiaomi Turkey team shared a page that reveals all the features of Redmi 12C under their official website. We’re not sure if this was done by mistake, but we have all the specifications before it has been released and now the pricing of the new smartphone is here as well! Read our previous article: Redmi 12C Official Website has appeared!

Redmi 12C Price leak

Redmi 12C, an entry level phone, will be offered around the world at an affordable price tag. In comparison to other countries, Brazil has relatively expensive pricing in the smartphone market and we have the pricing only in Brazil for now. Let’s take a look at the price of the upcoming Redmi 12C.

Redmi 12C is priced at 1045 BRL in Brazil, which is around 200 USD. We are aware that it is overpriced though it’s the pricing in Brazil. Xiaomi 12 Lite costs €449 in Germany while it costs about €700 in Brazil. With that being said we expect Redmi 12C to be sold under €200 in other regions.

Here are the real life images of Redmi 12C, it comes in blue, purple, and black. Visit our webpage to read the full specifications of Redmi 12C from here. Don’t forget to comment what you think about it!


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