Redmi K60 Ultra revealed in China, Dimensity 9200+ and 8K 24FPS video recording.

The long-awaited Redmi K60 Ultra introduction event took place in China, and the phone will soon be available for sale. Redmi K60 Ultra will be introduced under the name Xiaomi 13T Pro in the global market and we have been sharing a lot of information about Xiaomi 13T Pro with you. You can read our previously shared article here: Xiaomi 13T & 13T Pro appeared on the IMEI database, expect the global launch soon!

Redmi K60 Ultra unveiling

Note that the device hasn’t launched yet but Xiaomi showcased some key specs about Redmi K60 Ultra. As we have predicted, Xiaomi 13T Pro, also referred to as Redmi K60 Ultra, indeed boasts the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ chipset. Xiaomi provided an AnTuTu benchmark result, showcasing an impressive score of 1.7 million points for Redmi K60 Ultra.

In addition to the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ chipset, the phone also incorporates the Pixelworks X7 chip. Xiaomi has made specific modifications to the Pixelworks X7 chip for their integration into Redmi K60 Ultra. X7 chip works as a display processor, employs interpolation methods that promise significantly reduced power consumption by offloading processing tasks from the GPU.

Pixelworks X7 chip not only enhances gaming performance by increasing frames but also delivers an improved video experience. With the help of AI algorithms, the chip effectively reduces the visible noise on video.

Dimensity 9200+ chipset is equipped with Imagiq 890 ISP and enables 8K 24FPS video recording on Redmi K60 Ultra. The previous phone, Redmi K50 Ultra lacked the 8K video recording. Redmi K50 Ultra has also offered a powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset but Xiaomi seems they want to improve video recording capability of Redmi phones.

Rather than fully launching Redmi K60 Ultra at today’s event, Xiaomi chose to tease it, leaving a comprehensive introduction for the near future. The exact launch date for the Chinese Redmi K60 Ultra remains uncertain, but the global version, Xiaomi 13T Pro, is expected to be unveiled in September.

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