Redmi Note 11 Global Leaked With Its Box, Images and Price

The box and all its specifications were leaked just days before the Redmi Note 11 was introduced in the global market!

Wwe leaked all the information about the Redmi Note 11 series few weeks ago. Today, the specifications and sales price of Redmi Note 11 4G (Snapdragon) have appeared on some online shop websites. These features fully confirm the features we leaked. The Redmi Note 11 series seems to bring back the missed Snapdragon SoC. But we have bad news about this SoC. Although it is very similar to the Redmi Note 10 4G in terms of design, it is felt that the design has been renewed even more.

Redmi Note 11 Design

The design of the Redmi Note 11 family will be quite similar to that of China. In addition, all Redmi Note 11 devices sold in the global market will have almost the same design. The base model will have an older design, while the Pro or S models will have a more modern design.

In terms of design, it seems that the frame of the old Redmi Note 10 series has been replaced with a flat frame.

Redmi Note 11 Box

According to the photos leaked on Twitter, the Redmi Note 11 will have this box. This box has almost the same design as the Redmi Note 10. On the box, there is no difference other than the phone photo.

Redmi Note 11 Specifications

When we list the features of the Redmi Note 11 4G, we are faced device with good features.

  • Snapdragon 680
  • 6.43″ 90 Hz FHD+ AMOLED
  • Dual speakers
  • 33W Wired charging
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • 50 MP S5KJN1 / OV50C Main + 8 MP IMX355 Ultra Wide + 2 MP Macro GC02M1 + 2 MP GC02M1 Depth
  • Android 11, MIUI 13

When we look at the Redmi Note 11 features, we see that it is quite similar to the Redmi Note 10. Although the difference from the Redmi Note 10 seems to be the processor and 90 Hz screen, this device will come out of the box with MIUI 13. There is a long wait time before the Redmi Note 10 gets MIUI 13.

Is Snapdragon 680 better than Snapdragon 678?

Yes but no, Snapdragon 678 is overclocked version of Snapdragon 675 and it has different core design. Snapdragon 680 has 4x Cortex-A73, 4x Cortex-A53 cores. Snapdragon 678 has 4x Cortex A76 and 4x Cortex A55 cores. The Snapdragon 678 is produced with 11nm technology, while the Snapdragon 680 is produced with 6nm technology. Snapdragon 680 has Adreno 610 GPU while Snapdragon 678 has Adreno 612 GPU. In fact, when we look at it, the core powers are lower and the performance is lower as seen in the benchmark tests, but a very efficient processor was preferred in terms of battery performance.

Redmi Note 11 Price

The Redmi Note 11 4/64GB version will be available for ₱8999 ($175). This price is expected to break sales records. You will not have to pay extra money after purchasing the Redmi Note 11, which will come out of the box with a 33W charger and case.

Redmi Note 11 will be launched Globally on 26 January 20:00 GMT +8. If you ask the question whether you need to buy this device if you are using Redmi Note 10, we can answer no.


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