Solution of Xiaomi Proximity Sensor Error, You Should Do The Following Immediately

Some users have reported that Xiaomi proximity sensor is not working properly. This may be due to a wrong installation or incorrect usage of the sensor, or it could also be caused by an issue with your phone’s software. In this article, we will show you how to fix Xiaomi proximity sensor issues using simple steps.

Xiaomi Proximity Sensor Calibration

Xiaomi Proximity Sensor error can be exemplified as the device screen turning on suddenly due to the proximity sensor not working properly during the call, accidental touches because of the screen not going off when the phone is near proximity to users ear. Make sure the phone protective glass is of high quality. Because low-quality protective glasses may cause the light sensor to stop due to reduced light transmittance. Other than that, if you are getting Xiaomi proximity sensor errors, you should do the following immediately:

  • Click on  the Settings apps on your app drawer and tap About Phone.
  • After tapping on the “Kernel Version” label for a few times on the “About phone” section, the “Hardware Test” screen will appear.
  • The Hardware Test screen will offer you many testing options. Among them, the test required to solve your problem is the “proximity sensor” test.
  • After tapping on the proximity sensor test, click the calibration option.
  • Close the proximity test after calibration is done

Once you have followed these steps and calibrated your proximity sensor, it should be working fine and you should have solved the Xiaomi Proximity Sensor error. If you are still having problems with this sensor, there are a few potential reasons why this still keeps happening. It might be a problem in your software, especially if you are using a custom ROM. In such case, go back to the stock ROM of your device or simply switch to another custom ROM. It might also be a chronic issue on your device which in that case you should consult Xiaomi stores as this is a hardware problem.

Occasionally there are certain issues common among Xiaomi devices and it is always safer knowing these problems before buying a smartphone. If you wish to know more about these problems, you should definitely check What Common Problems Are on Xiaomi Devices? You should know content.

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