Top 5 features of MIUI!

One of Xiaomi’s main point is the features inside of it. It’s MIUI interface has alot of features for all users, as well as being useful in daily usage. In this article, we will list top 5 features of Xiaomi, and what they do with screenshots. You can comments yours below too if you use any feature that is not listed here but use often.

Floating Windows

One such feature is the floating windows in MIUI. These windows allow certain apps to run in a transparent window on your home screen without affecting your app navigation. You can use this feature to run useful apps like weather alerts or clock apps without completely leaving the current app to home screen. We already made an article about sidebar feature, which contained floating windows feature in it. You can have a look onto that article as well.

Game Turbo

One of other Xiaomi features is the Game Turbo. It allows the users to have tools while playing a game, such as helping in aim, minimizing the incoming notifications, launching apps as floating windows, optimizing and making the game run faster, give the game better visuals and such. We also already made an article about Game Turbo feature, and you can find it here. The feature is there in most MIUI devices, and you’re also able to update it using the article given before in this paragraph.


This feature adds a sidebar to your system that shows everywhere, allows you to launch apps in floating windows anywhere inside an another app. We already made an article about this feature. It’s really easy to use the feature as well, all you need to do is open the sidebar, and launch any app you want in there, and MIUI will launch the app in floating windows for you. If you’re using MIUI 13 and above, it will also allow you to launch multiple floating windows. Unfortunately, if you’re using MIUI 12.5 and below, you can launch only one floating app and whenever you try to launch another one from sidebar it will just dissmiss the other one.


This is one of the features that were introduced with MIUI 13. It’s a control center tile that you can add. When you add this and turn it on, all of the camera and microphone access requests are will be completely blocked by system, and system will return the app blank data until you allow the apps again by turning off the tile.

Second Space

This is a feature that completely seperates your main applications from this space, it’s like a sandboxed system. It even has it’s own filesystem, we already posted an article about this where you can learn about it more.

Is there any else Xiaomi feature that you like other than these? Comment them below!

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