Unique MIUI Feature: Taplus

Taplus is not a new feature. A feature only available in the Chinese version of MIUI. The working logic is exactly like the “Select” feature added with Android 11 in pure Android. Also you can activate it by simply pressing and holding your finger.

How to Enable Taplus?

  • First open the settings ad search for “taplus”.

  • After that you will see some results. Tap the first one. Then you will see the taplus options. Enable marked section for enabling taplus.

enabling taplus

  • Then you will see an option named with “gesture”. In this option, you will set activating type of taplus. If you select 2 fingers, you will use the taplus with pressing the screen using your 2 fingers. If you select 1 finger, you will do same thing with 1 finger. But recommended is 2 fingers  section. Because 1 finger section taplus can be triggered while using the device normally.

  • “App blocklist” is using for blocking apps from taplus. So as an example when using Instagram, you stop the stories and Taplus becomes active. To prevent this, you must add Instagram to the blocklist here.

How to Use Taplus?

  • For using taplus you must press your 2 fingers to where you want to select texts or objects. Then 2 things will pop-up to screen. Select “text” button for copying, searching a text. Tap the select all for selecting all words. Or if you want you can select by one by. And you can copy to all word pressing the marked button of 2nd photo.

  • And if you want to save an image to your device do same thing then select “Objects” button. Then you will see the photo that you selected. Tap the save button with marked arrow.

Using taplus you can select, copy, save images and texts on your screen. AOSP ROMs already have this feature. But users who wanted to use MIUI were deprived of this feature. They will no longer be deprived of this feature with taplus

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