What features Apple took from Android? 6 new features on iOS 16 that gotten from Android.

iOS has been always known as stable mobile operating system. No one talks about the minor bugs in the OS but many claim it’s stable.

iOS always lacked the many customizations that Android has and now iOS brings some of them from Android. Apple making them better or not here are the features already available on Android and announced with iOS 16 in 2022.

Live caption

Google brought Live caption feature with the launch of Pixel 4. Brian Kemler shared a blog text here that they announce a new feature. Live caption transcribes spoken audio in a video or any media file playing such as a voice recording or a voice message. Google made available this feature on Pixels only then delivered to other OEMs.

Lock screen widgets

Even it’s not something commonly used on stock Android right now Android KitKat had useful widgets on lock screen back in the time. You can get better looking widgets through 3rd party apps on Android but these widgets were available on Android KitKat. They are removed in Android Lollipop but you can still get them. An app on Google Play Store is available named as Lockscreen Widgets.

Samsung also lets you to have widgets on its Android skin One UI.

Shared photo library

iOS finally allows you to share an album up to 5 people and each member can add new images into the album. Google implemented this feature back in the 2015.

Real time translations

With iOS 16 Apple lets you to translate the texts in the images through the Translate app. Google Translate app is also capable of making translations in real time and also it can scan the texts on the images.

Resizeable app windows

This one is on Android for years and OEMs like Xiaomi, Samsung and OPPO succeeded to make split screen feature better. With iPad OS 16 you will be able to change the size of an app. With DeX Samsung gives desktop like experience to users and yet some Android skin offers multi window feature. MIUI+ lets you to change size of the windows as well. And note that this feature isn’t available on iPhones. Split screen feature came with Android Nougat. It’s from 2016.


Mail scheduling

Mail app on iOS 16 lets you to schedule the mails you sent or undo them. It waits for sometime and if you realize something is wrong with the mail you can stop sending it. Google Mail had this feature for years.

What you think about the features Apple took from Android?

Is it too late Apple adding these features? Or Apple adding them late on purpose? Let us what you think about them under the comments. via Android Authority

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