What To Do If Your Phone Falls Into the Water?

We know that electronic circuits are damaged when they come into contact with water. Smartphones that we use frequently in daily life and do not leave our side can inevitably come into contact with liquid. Phone manufacturers are aware of this and are making them water resistant to protect smartphones. The durability level has a certain degree:

IPX3 – Water spray resistance

IPX4 – Splash resistance

IPX5 – Pressure water resistance

IPX7 – Durability up to 1 meter depth

IPX8 – Resistance to depths of 1 meter or more

You can read all information about IP certifications from here

If your mobile phone falls into the liquid, you should never use air-blowing things such as hairdryers. Because this causes the water to move and come into contact with more circuit elements. The most logical thing to do is follow these steps:

What to do if the phone falls into the water?

  • Turn off the phone. Liquid entering the phone can lead to short circuitry if it comes into contact with working circuit elements, which is the leading cause of fluid damage. It can lead not only to short circuits, but even to oxidation on the motherboard.
  • Dry the outside with a clean towel. First dry the outside water so that no more water enters the appliance.
  • Remove removable parts such as sim card, sd card. If it can be removed, remove the battery.
  • If there are silica gels that are depsied, put them in a closed box with the phone and leave them on hold. These can come out of pockets of newly purchased clothes or boxes of electronic devices. For such a situation, it is worth storing silica gels. If you do not have one of these, you can use rice to draw moisture. Put the gels or rice in a closed box with the phone and leave to stand.

After waiting about 3 or 4 days, try to turn on phone. It’s working normally and you’re lucky if there’s no liquid damage. Of course, it is not certain that these methods will save the device with zero damage.

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