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Why does Xiaomi Release Pro Models Without Base Model?

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Have you ever wondered where the Redmi K10 and POCO X1 are? As you know, Xiaomi has released hundreds of devices under 3 brands. Moreover, in a device model, there are 4-5 devices at once. e.g. Redmi Note 10/T/S/JE/5G/Pro/Pro Max/Pro 5G. It was even more than I thought.

Well, if you have noticed, there are devices that Xiaomi has recently released the “Pro” model, but hasn’t released the regular model.

For example, you may know the POCO F2 Pro (lmi). POCO’s flagship device released in 2020. But, where is the POCO F2? Why does POCO F2 Pro (lmi) released without POCO F2? Or Redmi K20 (davinci), K30 4G/5G (phoenix/picasso), K40 (alioth) and introduced just last week K50 (munch) devices are available but where is K10?

Or POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen) device. The mid-range device that POCO released a few months ago. Well, but there is no POCO M4 around yet. Why is POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen) produced and released without POCO M4? There must be a reason for it.

Where is Lost Devices?

Actually, it’s all about Xiaomi’s policies. Before a Xiaomi device is manufactured at the factory, the project – plan of the device is made. Firstly, device series are named. Then, number of devices to be released in the series and their hardware features are prepared. Then device starts to be produced. In short, device naming process is done long before production and release

This is the important part, devices that Xiaomi has stopped releasing remain as prototype (unreleased). If you remember, we touched on this subject in this article. Since the naming process was done long ago, produced device is released. And abandoned device remains as the prototype. Some devices are renamed and released in another device series.

For example, lost POCO F2 device, it actually exists but it’s a prototype device. You can find more information in this post.

There are also devices whose names have been changed and transferred to another series. For example, lost POCO M4 device. In fact, it was the re-introduced Redmi 2022 (selene) device. As Xiaomi changed its mind, it was released only as Redmi 10 2022 (selene) and POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen) was left alone.

According to information from Xiaomiui IMEI Database, Redmi K10 is actually POCOPHONE F1 (beryllium).The lost K10 device, which couldn’t be introduced as a result of Xiaomi’s change of mind. It was actually a POCOPHONE F1 (beryllium) device. The proof is in the post below. If you want to see more unreleased/prototype devices, join the Telegram channel in the below.

Also, have you wondered why POCO X2 came out before POCO X1 was released? POCO X1 is the first Snapdragon 710 device with codename comet, which was never released.

As a result, if there are devices missing with the series, know that Xiaomi executives have given up something. That lost device is either a prototype (unreleased) or another device from another series. Xiaomi is constantly changing its mind when releasing phones.

Stay tuned to be aware of the agenda and learn new things.

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