What is Prototype Device? What Differences?

I think we all know Xiaomi’s determination to produce phones. Dozens of phone models, new phones introduced almost every month, many segments under 3 brand (Xiaomi – Redmi – POCO) names. Well, as it is, there are dozens of devices that Xiaomi later changed its mind and even stopped publishing.

These unreleased devices remain “prototypes”. Let’s take a look at prototype devices that you probably won’t see in such detail anywhere except xiaomiui.

What is Prototype Device?

Unreleased devices will remain as prototypes as a result of Xiaomi changing its mind while developing a device or canceling a device. Most of the time prototype devices stay with “engineering rom”, not even proper MIUI.

What Differences?

It varies from device to device, with some only minor differences. In some, even the codename is different, it is a completely different device. However, if we group the prototype devices under three headings, it becomes as follows:

  • Prototype device but the same as the introduced device, only the factory barcoded or unreleased color version.
  • Prototype device but with released device, there are different, added and removed specifications.
  • Prototype device but never before published and unique.

Yes, we can group prototype devices under these three headings.

Prototype Devices (same as released) (Mass Products, MP)

In this section, there are actually the same Xiaomi devices released. Only the back cover has factory-printed barcodes or unreleased colors. Which indicates that it is a prototype device.

For example this is a Redmi K40 (alioth) prototype. It’s other features are the same as the Redmi K40 (alioth) but only difference is factory-barcodes on the back cover. It is obvious that it is a prototype device. Model numbers usually higher than P1.1.

Unreleased Redmi K40 (alioth) With White Color and Factory-Barcodes

Here is another prototype device Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (lisa), which we detected from the Xiaomi official promo video. Probably device is same as released version, but there are also factory-barcodes on the back cover.

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (lisa) with Factory-Barcodes

Another example, the POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen) prototype is here. As we have seen in the tweet of POCO Marketing Manager, there are factory-barcodes on the back of the device. This is a another prototype device.

POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen) Prototype in POCO Marketing Manager’s Tweet

Actually, these are just unreleased factory devices, Actual prototypes are in the next articles. Let’s continue.

Prototype Devices (different as released)

Yes, we are slowly moving towards rare devices. This prototype devices in this section are different from the published ones. There are a few hardware differences.

There is an unreleased Mi 6X (wayne) prototype here. As you know, there is no 4/32 model. The prototype here includes 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. It made sense not to publish it because such a RAM/storage ratio is ridiculous.

Here is an unreleased Mi CC9 (pyxis) prototype. It differs from the released one, the screen is IPS and there is a fingerprint on the back. Rest of the specs are same.

This part will surprise you. Did you know that Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia) will come with LCD in-screen fingerprint (FOD but IPS) but it was later canceled? Photos below.

Here we come to the most exciting part, next is unreleased unique Xiaomi prototypes!

Prototype Devices (unreleased and unique)

These are never unreleased and unique devices. Really rare and interesting.

Unreleased and Rare POCO X1 Prototype!

Did you know about Mi 6 Pro (centaur) or POCO X1 (comet) prototype? Since missing Mi 7 (dipper_old) from the Mi series is actually the Mi 8 (dipper) prototype without a notch?

If you want to know more, our unreleased prototype Xiaomi devices post is here!

Stay tuned to be aware of  agenda and learn new things!

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