Widevine L1 Check: How to check Widevine DRM security on Android?

So you are a Netflix user and a Custom MIUI ROM user as well. You might want to check your Widevine security to see if you are permitted to watch HDR and High-Resolution Online Streaming Content.

What is Widevine DRM and What is it used for?

Widevine DRM is a popular Proprietary Digital Right Management technology used for Licencing and encrypting Digital Content like videos and songs to protects it from being downloaded illegally on Google-based devices and even Web Browsers like on Android Smartphones, Chrome-based Devices, Android Smart TV, etc. This Widevine DRM technology is owned by the giant tech company Google. More information about Google Widevine on Widevine Website.

Widevine protects content via three levels of security: L1, L2, and L3. Widevine level 1, or L1, offers the greatest level of protection of the three and is usually mandated by content owners for premium content such as HD and Ultra HD.

So in order to stream Netflix or Hotstar content, Smartphone OEM Vendors purchase this license to give you access to Stream Copyrighted content. Without Widevine DRM you won’t be allowed to stream Netflix.

How to check Google Widevine DRM on Android?

  • Step 1: Open Google Play Store and Search for DRM Info. You can also click this link to download from Play Store.
  • Step 2: Download and Install DRM Info App.
  • Step 3: After installation of DRM Info, Open the App.
  • Step 4: Scroll down a little inside the app, and you should get it.


It is simple as that. With the help of this method, you can find out how to check your Widevine DRM. In this DRM App, you can find all related information about Widevine DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) and Security level.


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