Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 Comparison | Which is better

Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 are two devices that are among those who want to buy a new and expensive phone. Users who want to renew their phone and buy an updated device can be stuck between an Android and an iOS device. iPhone 13 vs Xiaomi 12 are the most powerful devices for iOS and Android.

Since the operating systems are completely different, some comparisons may be different. Some users may like Android more, while others may like iOS. You must be completely objective when reading this comparison. Thus, you can choose between Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13. First of all, you can read this article to decide whether Xiaomi devices or iPhone devices are better.

Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13

In Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 comparison, we will compare features, AnTuTu scores, design, camera, battery life, and prices. After all, you can choose between Xiaomi and iPhone 13 with the features you find suitable for yourself, and continue on your way with either of these two devices. Both devices have specific features. That’s why we need to be very objective.

Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13: Technical Features

The most important thing to compare the two devices is to first look at their technical features. In the clearest technical features, you will see whether it offers the features you need and whether you can get the performance you want. You can find detailed specifications for Xiaomi 12 by clicking here.

Xiaomi 12iPhone 13
Display :6.28"/ AMOLED/ 1080x2400(FHD+)/ 419PPI/ 120Hz6.1"/ OLED/ 1170x2532(FHD+)/ 460PPI/ 60Hz
Screen to body ratio:89.02 %85.62 %
Rear camera:50MP/ OIS/ F1.88/ 4320p (Ultra HD) 8K 24FPS/
12MP/ OIS/ F1.6/ 2160p (Ultra HD) 4K 60FPS/
CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (SM8450)Apple A15 Bionic
GPU:Adreno4x Apple GPU
Battery:4500mAh/ 67W/ Wireless Battery3227mAh/ 20W/ Wireless Battery
Network/ wireless connections:5G/ NFC /Bluetooth 5.2 / Infrared5G/ NFC/ Bluetooth 5.0
AnTuTu: 1.027.337 Score809.100 Score


In terms of design beauty and design features, both devices offer beautiful things themselves. Xiaomi loses in thickness. Since the thickness of the Xiaomi 12 is 8.16 mm, the thickness of the iPhone 13 comes to 7.65 mm. For users who love thin phones, the iPhone 13 goes one step further. At the same time, the iPhone 13, which stands out in weight, weighs 174 grams. The weight of the Xiaomi 12 is 180 grams. Apple iPhone 13 offers 6 different color options: White, Red, Blue, Pink, Black, and Green. Xiaomi 12, on the other hand, offers only 4 color options: Copper, Blue, Black, and Green.

In terms of design, both devices offer minimal designs. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 has the classic iPhone design, the Xiaomi 12 has a simple, minimal, and pleasant design.

Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 Thickness
Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 Thickness
Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 Colors and Designs
Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 Colors and Designs


We’ll look at the video recording performance, and rear and front camera specifications and compare them one by one. Since camera performance is relative, users should interpret it by looking at the photos and camera features taken with the Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13. In the rear camera section, the fact that it has 3 cameras takes the Xiaomi 12 one step further. The iPhone 13, which has 2 cameras, offers 2 cameras of 12MP. Xiaomi, on the other hand, keeps the purpose of each camera different and offers the main camera as 50MP, the second camera as 13MP, and the third camera as 5MP.

In terms of video recording, the Xiaomi 12 can record up to 8K (4320p) video. But when you want to record an 8K video, you need to record 24FPS. Even if you can record high-resolution and quality videos with Xiaomi 12, your video may not be smooth enough. But when you want to record a 4K video, you can get a 60FPS recording. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, offers a maximum 4K (2160p) recording option. With the iPhone 13, which offers 60FPS recording value, you can record your 4K videos following. Likewise, the Xiaomi 12 offers 60FPS in 4K recording. For those who like to record slow-motion videos, iPhone 13 and Xiaomi 12 both offer 240FPS at 1080P. However, the Xiaomi 12 goes one step ahead, offering 1920FPS for 720P recording. This makes your videos slow motion.

In terms of the front camera, both devices offer good features. But for those who will choose a video-focused phone, the iPhone 13 goes one step further and offers users the EIS feature, helping to record more stable images. At the same time, iPhone 13 maintains its kingdom on the front camera, offering 2160P @ 60FPS in the video recording option. In Xiaomi 12, it appears as 1080P @ 60FPS. When we look at the front camera features of Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13, the winner is the iPhone 13.


In terms of battery, Xiaomi 12 starts one step ahead. Xiaomi 12, which has a 4500 mAh battery, provides a very long use. The iPhone 13 comes with a 3227mAh battery capacity. Xiaomi 12, which is also ahead in fast charging, offers fast charging support with a maximum of 67W. The maximum fast charging support of the iPhone 13 is 20W. At the same time, Xiaomi, which is the winner in the wireless charging part, offers wireless charging support, with a maximum of 50W. The maximum wireless charging support of the iPhone 13 is 15W with MagSafe and 7.5W without MagSafe.

If you want your battery to last you for a long time, if you want a longer use, it would be a more logical move to choose Xiaomi 12 between Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13 comparison.


In the price comparison, the Xiaomi 12 is a little cheaper. Based on European pricing, Xiaomi 12 comes at a cheaper price. Of course, this pricing may vary from country to country. Each brand has its pricing schedule for each country. For Xiaomi 12, this price is around 510EUR, while the price of the iPhone 13 is around 820EUR. These prices may change, get cheaper or increase over time.

You have to decide which device wins. When we compare Xiaomi 12 vs iPhone 13, the device you should choose should be the phone that will fully meet your needs and budget. The phone will fulfill your personal needs while using using it is the winning phone for you. If you want to advance in terms of camera and video, the iPhone 13 will be a more logical choice, while if you want a device with a long battery life, it would be logical to choose Xiaomi 12. The analysis of the match is up to you.

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