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Xiaomi 13T series surprises with 4 major Android updates!

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Xiaomi 13T series represents Xiaomi’s latest T series models. Every year, in the months of September to October, the new T series is introduced to the market. This tradition will continue with Xiaomi 13T and Pro models. In yesterday’s official announcement, it was disclosed that the smartphones will be unveiled on September 26th. Today’s new announcement has confirmed that Xiaomi 13T family will receive major Android updates for 4 years. Additionally, they will also provide uninterrupted security updates for 5 years.

Prior to September 26th, all the features of the devices have been revealed, and new 13T series is expected to bring significant improvements compared to previous 12T series. In particular, Xiaomi 13T Pro is expected to deliver high performance thanks to the Dimensity 9200+ SOC and provide a seamless gaming experience. Users are eagerly anticipating new 13T Pro, with just 20 days left until the launch day. Furthermore, the camera system of the smartphones is quite impressive, with the new Sony IMX 707 set to be featured in Xiaomi 13T family.

Xiaomi 13T series will be supported by Leica and will include special camera optimizations. Without missing a small detail, it is said that a Leica-supported version of Xiaomi 13T will be sold in specific regions. We do not know how accurate this information is, but what is certain is that Xiaomi 13T Pro will be launched with Leica optimizations in all regions. The reason for such a distinction for Xiaomi 13T is unknown. The camera sensors of 13T and 13T Pro are almost the same. It’s worth considering that Xiaomi, in collaboration with Leica, is trying to keep the prices of their smartphones low. Perhaps for this reason, a Leica-supported version of the Xiaomi 13T may not be available in all regions.

On the software side, Xiaomi is surprising us with an unexpected move. It has been officially announced that the Xiaomi 13T family will receive 4 major Android updates and a total of 5 years of security updates. This indicates that the Xiaomi 13T and Pro models can receive operating system updates up to Android 17 (including Android 17). This move by Xiaomi demonstrates their commitment to their smartphones. Users will be delighted with this, as it ensures they can enjoy an excellent experience for many years to come.

Source: Xiaomi

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