Xiaomi App Store Goes to Regulation Change!

Some applications published on the Xiaomi App Store may from time to time violate regulations and legal issues may arise. Xiaomi announced that they will continue to seek solutions for applications that violate user rights and interests, and will initiate an investigation into the violations.

It is alleged that the Xiaomi App Store, which is pre-installed in MIUI, has illegally collected and used personal data in recent years. Although Xiaomi has tried to block apps that do not comply with the rules, many other apps that violate users’ security and rights are still available in the Xiaomi’s App Market. Now that the rules are becoming stricter, privacy and security compliance reviews have quickly begun.

New era in Xiaomi App Store

As of June 30, the detection of privacy and security issues for all existing apps in Xiaomi’s App Store has been completed. The developers of the applications that encountered issues were contacted and the application was requested to be fixed. Despite all warnings, a total of 11,375 apps that violated the rules were removed. The biggest detail of the rule change is the gradual removal of phone cleaning apps from the store. The Xiaomi App Store is now stopping the inclusion of cleaner apps in the store and gradually removing them from the list starting July 12.

Cleaning apps have malicious popups that seriously violate Xiaomi and MIUI rules. Moreover, these apps massively violate users’ privacy because they access files on your device. Recently, CoolApk listing was removed from the GetApps, Xiaomi’s app store. Because the Xiaomi 12S series Leica camera app was leaked on CoolApk.

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