Xiaomi Honor Development Team is back for faster MIUI bug fixes!

Xiaomi community officially made an announcement relating to that the Honor Development Team is coming back for faster MIUI bug fixes, according the reports.

Honor Development Team returns for faster MIUI bug fixes!

Based on the information we have gathered, the Honor development team is a group of core users gathered by the MIUI forum. In order to better solve the concerns of Mi Fans and attract more users into the huge crowd that is “Xiaomi Community”, the team is making a comeback.

In this big crowd of the HDT of the Xiaomi community, the centralized feedback and suggestions released by users in the community are organized into suggestions by the fans of the HDT, which is convenient for the development team to avoid problem tracking and positioning. After the central feedback receives the results, it will be synchronized in time.

We have learned that the Honorable Development Team of the MIUI Forum has 630 core members, and has the right to get the internal beta version synchronized with the development team, and participate in the testing and problem feedback of the latest version in order to help with faster MIUI bug fixes and improvements.

What is the Honor Development Team?

The Honor Development Team is a ensemble of MIUI enthusiasts from the Xiaomi community that use their spare and leisure time to focus on helping Xiaomi users solve problems and submit centralized bugs and feature suggestions, helping along for faster MIUI bug fixes. On top of helping for faster MIUI bug fixes, it will also assist the official with related business reports, important announcements, and such to establish a fast channel for the official to communicate with users. This team will basically:

  • keep going with the previous custom of submitting bugs and suggestions. Taking that into consideration, the HDT will continue to proceed with assisting Xiaomi or the MIUI development team to communicate with users in the community, organize centralized feedback in the circle, suggest section, track feedback proposals, collect feedback logs and such.
  • help the development team to collect user retest questions and collect and submit feedback logs.
  • manage the feedback/suggestion sections in the circle you belong to, and categorize the centralized feedback for the convenience of engineers.

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