Xiaomi’s brand new TWS earbuds, POCO Pods has been unveiled in India.

Xiaomi has expanded their product lineup by introducing a new addition, POCO Pods. The new POCO Pods is available in India starting from July 29th. These affordable TWS earbuds were quietly launched recently.

POCO Pods have a sleek design, with a black and yellow bi-color design outline. POCO India announced the price of these new wireless earbuds at a special initial release price of INR 1,199. We can say that this is a very reasonable pricing for the new earbuds.


POCO India initially unveiled the POCO Pods through their official Twitter account. However, it’s surprising that all information about the POCO Pods has since been removed from their website and other platforms like Flipkart. Nonetheless, we do know some key features of these wireless earbuds.

POCO Pods have almost the same specifications as Redmi Buds 4 Active, the main difference being the price and color options. POCO Pods’ color scheme, combining black and yellow, gives them a unique look. We have put the introduction image of POCO Pods and Redmi Buds 4 Active for the reference.

With a 12mm dynamic driver and utilizing Bluetooth 5.3, the POCO Pods offer a total of 28 hours of usage time when combined with the charging case. On a single charge, the earbuds can last for 5 hours. Moreover, fast charging is also present on the eaburds providing 110 minutes of listening time with just a 10-minute charge.

POCO Pods also boast an IPX4 certification, indicating resistance to water splashes. However, it’s worth noting that Xiaomi advises users to handle the earbuds with care and avoid extreme conditions as even sweat could damage them.

Although the earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.3, Xiaomi’s official website specifies the audio codec as SBC, with no support for AAC. Consequently, it might not deliver a great audio experience. Given their affordability, this codec limitation shouldn’t be a major concern.

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