Everything we know about Xiaomi 12 Ultra – Xiaomi is Finally Doing It!

Xiaomi is working on a most exciting device: the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. This device is beyond our imagination. When Samsung, Apple, and OnePlus does not produce innovative devices. There comes Xiaomi 12 Ultra, which is literally pulling off the impossible in each single flagship device. The Xiaomi 12 series max out sci-fi flagship devices. This article will tell everything we know about Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra
Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Everything we know about Xiaomi 12 Ultra

With Xiaomi 12 series, the company is going to break the barriers once again, and the Mi 12 Ultra is coming soon. So, an official confirmation coming from the MiUi source code Xiaomi is joining hands, likely with color tuning or maybe a lens for this upcoming flagship device. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is going to have four Leica filters that are monochrome, high-contrast, vivid, and natural style. This in itself is huge news, as we have seen how well Huawei is doing with like on their side and this feature will surely take the camera game to the next level.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra has Surge C2 chip and new display technology.

What will we see on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra?

The Xiaomi flagships can no doubt shoot amazing images, and with this partnership, we guess Xiaomi may surpass top players like Samsung. They say that Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s concept renders coming in from the shadow leak shows a similar design that we saw in images. We see that the metal back contains a squarish module with a circular module on top containing cameras, supporting sensors and led flash icing on the cake; there is Leica branding on the top right corner.

DCS says that Xiaomi 12 Ultra is coming in an exciting finish with a glass-ceramic design that is more durable than basic glass, and then we have a leather finish option that we love on Xiaomi 12 Pro. We think we will see some nice colors, and this will indeed look sci-fi overall. If you would like to read the overall review of the Xiaomi 12 series, read our previous article: Excellent Features of the Xiaomi 12 Series.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Release Date and Other Specifications

Xiaomi plans to announce the device in a month or two, and the best part is the leaks are that Xiaomi may use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ on this device. The TSMC-based CPU may debut with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, other known specifications of Xiaomi 12 Ultra are 120 watts of fast charging, 6.73-inch display size same as Xiaomi 12 Pro. This display has a different technology. You can read it from here.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have triple camera system according to Mi Code. This triple camera system will have Xiaomi Surge C2 ISP chip.

  • 50+48+48 MP (0.5X, 1X, 5X) Triple Camera
  • 12X Video, 120X Photo Zoom
  • 48 MP Front Camera

Xiaomi 12 Ultra codename will be thor and model number will be 2203121C. It will be exclusive only China.

What do we think about Xiaomi 12 Ultra?

So, we have seen the design, the case, images, and a metal mock-up, and huge news is coming on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra specifications. We think the device is going to be huge globally.

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