First MIUI 13 Beta Screenshot Leaked with New Features

A day before the introduction of MIUI 13, a screenshot of MIUI 13 was leaked. This screenshot contains the new features.

Xiaomi managed to make the MIUI interface quite smooth and faultless with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. Xiaomi will take this stability even higher with MIUI 13. We have announced that MIUI 13 is not focused on a new interface design, focused on performance. We were not mistaken and MIUI 13 came as we expected. In addition, MIUI 13 will offer a more stable interface and a more functional interface, here is the screenshot!

This screenshot is of Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (elish). It belongs to Android 11 based MIUI 13 21.12.24 version. In this screenshot, we see the 21.12.24 version of the MIUI PAD operating system. In this version, we see the multiwindow feature that will come in MIUI 13 Also MIUI + Beta feature is coming to tablets. Also, MIUI 13 stable version has a colored 13 logo, while MIUI 13 Beta has a blue 13 logo. We can see that the Xiaomi Pad series will receive Android 11-based MIUI 13 Beta instead of Android 12-based MIUI 13 with this screenshot.

We can also see that the device on which this photo was taken is the Xiaomi 12. This shows the first photo taken by Xiaomi 12.

MIUI 13 and Xiaomi 12 series will be introduced tomorrow, December 28, at 19:30 Chinese time. The first version will be exclusive to China and the devices with the first series will receive stable updates tomorrow.


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