How to Hide Apps on Samsung 2022

Nowadays, privacy has become on of the biggest concerns for the smartphone users. People wish to hide certain apps installed in their devices in order to avoid the prying eyes around them. If you are a Samsung user, you are in luck as this feature is integrated into the system.

How Do I Hide Apps on Samsung?

To hide apps on Samsung devices is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. This feature is built into the stock OneUI launcher whereas many OEM ROMs do not even support it by default, therefore you will not need any external launchers or stock launcher mods to hide apps on Samsung phones. In order to perform this action, all you need to do is:

  • Go to your home screen and pinch it or press and hold on an empty space
  • On the menu that appears at bottom, tap Home screen settings
  • In settings, at the very bottom above About section, you will see the option Hide apps, tap on it
  • Select the apps you wish to hide and hit Apply

Once you have done this, the apps you have selected will disappear from the launcher. Note that this will only hide the apps, but the apps will still remain installed. You will not have access to these apps by regular means until you unhide them. In order to unhide apps on Samsung devices, repeat the same process but on the app selection, remove ticks from the apps you selected earlier to hide.

If you want to use a different launcher and still be able to hide apps, Lawnchair is one of the best launcher apps out there one can use and it now supports Android 12L version as well. You can get more information about it in Lawnchair Android 12L Support has been added!.

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