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How to unlock Bootloader of All Samsung Phones

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Samsung has been locking its devices in order to prevent data leaks and safety hazards for so long now. To unlock Samsung phones however, it offers experienced users and developers a way out. Samsung has one of the easiest ways among other OEMs. Let’s go through each step one by one together!

Unlock Samsung Phones

Before going through all the steps to unlock your Samsung phone, a word of caution, you do not need to do this process unless you want to root your device or flash custom ROMs and kernels. This is for experienced users and developers that may want to improve and develop for the device. It will wipe out all the user data and possibly void the warranty so if you wish to continue and unlock Samsung phones, you may want to back up all the data beforehand.

First, go in to ⚙️ Settings > About phone and tap on Build number until Developer mode is on. Once it is on, go back to the main Settings screen and you will see an option under About phone called Developer options. Go into it and turn on OEM unlocking toggle. You may need a PC and a USB cable in order to unlock Samsung phones as there is a new restriction on Samsung devices that prevents going into bootloader without plugging your device into a PC. First plug in your device to the PC with your USB cable and then to unlock it:

  • Long press on Power + Home + Volume Down buttons until your device reboots into bootloader mode. These buttons may vary depending on the model of your Samsung phone. If you do not have certain buttons in your device, try other button combinations below:
    • Power + Bixby + Volume Down
    • Power + Volume Up + Volume Down
  • In the warning screen, long press on Volume Up button to switch into Device unlock mode
  • If you are sure about unlocking your Samsung phone, press once on Volume Up button without holding it

After your device is rebooted, it will wipe out your user data and your device will be unlocked. If you plan on rooting your device, you may check out What is Magisk? & How to install Magisk Modules? content to know more about Magisk and Magisk modules.

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