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How to use clear speaker feature of Xiaomi?

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Today we will learn how to use the clear speaker feature of Xiaomi. Smartphones play a very important role in your daily life. It helps you play games, watch videos and many other things we do. Of course, smartphones may need some maintenance. Depending on your usage, situations such as dusting and contamination may occur.

Speaker is one of the most important hardware in phones. Would you be satisfied if your speaker could not produce a good sound as a result of getting dirty? No. This is where Xiaomi’s Clear Speaker feature comes in. You can clean your speaker with the Clear speaker feature. Thanks to this, your speaker will continue to sound smoothly.

What is Xiaomi’s clear speaker feature?

If we answer the question of what is Xiaomi’s speaker clean feature, this feature tries to remove the clogged dust in the speaker by playing a 30-second audio file. Thanks to this, the speaker clogged with dust is cleaned and your speaker now gives a better sound. The fact that the speaker can give a good sound affects the user experience positively.

How to use Xiaomi’s clear speaker feature?

Now we come to the main reason of our article. How can we use Xiaomi’s clear speaker feature? First, check whether this feature is available in the settings. If it is not in the settings, you need to download the MIUI Downloader application to use the clear speaker feature.

If you can’t find it in settings, don’t worry. With MIUI Downloader, which allows you to experience the hidden features of MIUI, you will now be able to use the clear speaker feature. Download MIUI Downloader by clicking here.

  • 1. Click on MIUI Downloader application.
  • 2. Click on the hidden features options of the application.
  • 3. Find the clear speaker feature.
  • 4. Activate the clear speaker feature.

What should I do when using the clear speaker feature?

Run this feature once or twice if you find that your speaker is lightly blocked by dust. I the speaker is blocked heavily, run this feature 2-5 times while shaking your device with the speaker facing downwards. You will now have a better sound experience after using the clear speaker feature. Today we told you how to use the clear speaker feature. Don’t forget to follow us for more such content.

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