MIUI 14 Global Features: Top 5 New Features

As we keep posting news about MIUI 14 and MIUI 14 Global, we already found many MIUI 14 Global Features that it will include with the update. In this article, we will show 5 of the new MIUI 14 Global features that will be included in the update.

Time goes on and on, software and hardware gets more advanced as the time passes, as in this case, MIUI. There is quite a few new MIUI 14 Global features, some of them adds more features to make your daily usage better while also some others changes how the software looks. Although there is more new features with the update, we have listed the top 5 new features of MIUI 14 Global that will be added with the update.

MIUI 14 Global Launcher Features

Launcher(also known as home screen) got some new features that is mostly for customization although they might also change your daily usage in the phone. There is mainly 2 features that are new, although we did provide the link to our older article where we listed all new features with the MIUı 14 Global launcher update.

Super Icons

We already talked about this on our older post. This new MIUI 14 Global feature allows the user to set a custom size to any icon on the homescreen. You can set a custom icon from the same page as well. There is only 4 icon layouts, but we might see more layouts soon with the updates. All you need to do is hold any icon, and tap “Set icon”. And then the new feature page will show up where it will allow you to change the icon sizing, along with supported other icons.

New Folders

We also already talked about this on our older post. This new MIUI 14 Global feature allows to choose a different folder layout where the folder looks bigger or smaller in homescreen. For now there is only 2 layouts, but we assume there will be new layouts with the updates in the future. All you need to do is create a widget, and then go to it’s edit interface, and you will have the option to change the layout along with the preview of it on top. You also can enable “Suggest highlighted apps” where it will suggest you the apps based on your usage in the folder.

Fast Connect (Bluetooth)

This feature makes it so that when you turn off the Bluetooth, instead of turning it off, it stays on but stops searching for anything until you turn it back on, to fast connect to other Bluetooth devices. You still can completely turn off Bluetooth from the settings still whenever you want though.


New Wallpapers

As of course all other MIUI updates brings new sets of wallpapers with the new release, MIUI 14 Global will indeed come with new wallpapers as well. You can find them here.

Reduced Amount of Apps

MIUI 14 Global will come with less bloatware compared to older MIUI Global releases. Now it is around only eight apps, while on older MIUI releases we could even see over 15 apps. Even though, we of course provide the debloat guide where you can delete most of the bloatware whenever you want.

New Widgets

There is also some more new widgets on MIUI 14 Global, with option to quickly switch between them. Although we don’t have much about it, we have a video of it showcasing the quick-switch feature for the widgets. The video showcase of it is below.

And there you go, that is the top 5 new features that will be coming with MIUI 14 Global to your device. Although some of them such as launcher features are usable on old versions of MIUI by updating the launcher. Though that is a way to do it, there is no guarantee that you will have the all features since these features are normally designed for the latest devices only that will get MIUI 14 Global updates.

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