Redmi K50 Gaming Camera Specifications Confirmed by Xiaomi

We shared the features of Redmi K50 Gaming months ago. Xiaomi confirmed these specs on Weibo today.

Redmi K50 Gaming, Xiaomi’s flagship processor Gaming phone, is preparing to offer gamers a great phone from every way. After display and cooling technology, Redmi K50 Gaming comes with new camera technologies. Xiaomi shared new Redmi K50 Gaming features that will help the camera alongside its 64MP camera and are not even in the Xiaomi 12 series.

Redmi K50 Gaming Camera

Redmi K50 Gaming Camera

Redmi K50 Gaming has 64MP Sony IMX686 sensor. You can take pictures with a resolution of 9248 x 6944. This camera with 1.6μm large pixels. The same camera sensor was first used on the Redmi K30 in 2019. Although it was released in 2019, it still can take better pictures than many sensors. It is important that the sensor is of good quality, not old. Google used the IMX363 sensor from 2017 to 2022.

Redmi K50 Gaming Camera Sample

When we look at the Redmi K50 Gaming shared camera example, it offers very bright and clear photos at night. There is no overexposure, light leakage or similar problem in the photo. Flagship quality!

Redmi K50 Gaming Camera Sample

Redmi K50 Gaming Front Camera

Redmi K50 Gaming will have a 20MP Sony IMX596 camera sensor. Xiaomi, which has been using the same Samsung sensor for 3 years, has finally used a new sensor. With Sony IMX596 sensor, powerful AI feature and high details, Redmi K50 Gaming is waiting for you. Sony IMX596 offers better performance than the 32MP front camera of Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Redmi K50 Gaming Flicker Sensor

Why does the screen sometimes flicker and cast color during the video meeting? K50 Gaming’s anti flicker sensor will fix that. This is a flagship technology that can accurately monitor the stroboscopic frequency of the screen light source and provide real-time exposure adjustment, allowing you to have purer colors when shooting. This technology ensure accurate records of every important content.

Redmi K50 Gaming will launch in China on February 16. We will see together what this phone, which will be introduced to the Global Market as POCO F4 GT, will offer us.

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