What is Sunlight Mode, How to Open Sunlight Mode on Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi goal to provide us with ease of use and a better experience with its MIUI interface. Some features are not enabled by default and we have to enable it ourselves. One of the features is sunlight mode. Viewing the screen in sunlight is nearly impossible while using our smartphones if auto brightness is not turned on. Inhis article, you will learn what is sunlight mode, and how you can turn it on.

What is Sunlight Mode

Sunlight mode provides extra brightness when using the phone under sunlight and it makes a better viewing experience by turning on this mode. This mod came to Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 11 version. The mod description “adjust the brightness to strong ambient light when automatic brightness is off.” If you get 500 nits as default, you can get 1000 nits using Sunlight mode. Sunlight mode is enabled by default on automatic brightness.


How to Enable Sunlight Mode

Firstly; Open Settings and Click On Display Section

Tap the Brightness Level and Turn on Sunlight Mode

The results are shown in the images below

Maximum brightness when sunlight mode is on 4095, if not open  3590. 

Congratulations, your phone will now provide a better experience in sunlight. Be careful, overuse of your smartphone in sunlight can cause your samrt phone to overheat and drain your battery faster. In addition, hardware problems may occur on your screen. Not use the phone in sunlight as much as possible. Keep following Xiaomiui for this more technological content.

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