What is Xiaomi SIM Activation Service?

Xiaomi offers a lot of exclusive feature in a bunch of stock MIUI applications using SIM Activation Service as the catalyst. What the SIM Activation Service is, why MIUI depends on it and the SIM card not activated error that appears when this service’s requirements aren’t met will be the topic of this content.

What is SIM Activation Service?

It is a SIM authentication process to access exclusive features in certain MIUI applications a few of which were mentioned above. However, this doesn’t mean not activating will prevent you to send messages, make phone calls or anything similar in that kind. It only enables exclusive useful iOS-like features in your device. And since these features require accessing your private information, it is quite a sensitive framework that needs an extra level of protection. It works by sending a one time verification text to Xiaomi servers and getting approval in return. This, however, is not a free text message, so that is something worth keeping in mind.

What do you get out of activating SIM Activation Service?

If we take Mi Messages into account as one of the examples, after SIM activation, you can send text messages to other Mi users using internet connection and free of charge. Message synchronization is also another useful feature which allows you to store your messages into Mi Cloud to prevent a possible data loss. Another perk that comes with it is Mi Find Device feature, which allows you to track your phone’s location in case it gets lost or worst, stolen.

How to activate SIM Activation Service?

All you have to do in order to activate this service can be simplified into 3 easy steps:

  • Make sure you have sufficient balance
  • Insert your SIM card
  • Reboot

sim activation successful

After the reboot, activation should be done automatically. It also gets automatically done for you after a fresh installation or resetting your data. So, if you do not want to activate this service, make sure you remove your SIM card before you boot into your system.

What is SIM card not activated notification?

Most of us might have come across the SIM card not activated error message on notifications. This particular error typically pops-up when the messaging app tries to use the Xiaomi SIM card on a new device with Mi account logged in . The error basically tells the user that their SIM card is not active for their device in Xiaomi servers, which in return users cannot take advantage of the perks MIUI offers, just like in iOS with iMessage app. These perks are mentioned in What is SIM Activation Service section of the content.

How to disable SIM card not activated notification?

There are two ways to disable this activation process, and the steps are rather easy. Root makes everything easier, therefore the solution also becomes easier. If you are a rooted user, you can use Titanium Backup app or any kind of app that has the feature to disable system apps, go into search box and type a part of the name of the app that you wish to disable, which in our case, typing sim would be enough. In the list that comes up, tap on Xiaomi SIM Activation Service and click on disable button and this will get rid of the annoying notifications and failed attempts at activation.

If you do not have root however, all you need to do is go into Settings > Apps > Manage apps, type Xiaomi in the search box, tap on Xiaomi SIM Activation Service app and disable all permissions and restrict data usage in there. Lastly in this section, go into Notifications and disable Show notifications option and it is done.

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