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Xiaomi 12 Pro Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Xiaomi has made 12 series this year, and they are officially available on the market, and today, we will be talking about the Xiaomi 12 Pro Tips and Tricks as the Xiaomi 12 Pro comes with MIUI 13, there are lots of tweaks and features to talk about. So, if you are planning to get, or already bought a brand new Xiaomi 12 Pro, we will share some tips and tricks for you.

Whether you want to bring back the old notification shade style, recent apps, calibrate your display or even use the fingerprint reader as a heart rate monitor, we will explain all of them. With the MIUI 13 and the latest technology smartphone, it makes customization and usage easier.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi is the only brand that needs no introduction. The Chinese manufacturer has grown consistently over the last 10 years, and as of 2022, Xiaomi is the 4th biggest smartphone maker in the world. With the Xiaomi 12 series and MIUI 13, we think that the company will become bigger. Before further ado, let’s begin with one of the first Xiaomi 12 Pro Tips and Tricks.

Add Smart Home Controls to Control Centre

If you decide you actually like the new control design of the Xiaomi 12 Pro, you can actually make it more useful by adding smart home toggles. So, for instance, if you have Google Home installed, you can add Google Home Controls to it for easy powering on and off of your linked smart home products.

Go to the settings, notifications, and control center, then select smart home if you have Google Home installed, you will see Home appear on the list, tap it and now when you dropdown control center, it will populate with big widget controls for all your smart connected devices.

Blur App Previews

When you go to your recent apps screen by swiping up and holding, you will see apps preview thumbnails, but sometimes you may find you want to blur the information after all you could have a conversation thread or personal info on display.

So, to blur them head to home screen settings by pinching two fingers on your home screen and tapping the settings cog, then tap more, and scroll down until you see blur app previews, then tap on that and now toggle any apps that you would like to blur.

Manually Choose the Refresh Rate

When you first set up your Xiaomi 12 Pro, it will automatically have its display’s refresh rate, set to change up and down dynamically based on the content on your display. This helps to save battery, however, if for whatever reason you want to force it to stick to a higher or lower refresh by choosing 60/90/120, you can set it on the settings. Go to the display page, and find the refresh rate, you can also choose custom numbers, but we do not recommend it.

Measure Heart-Rate

This one is a bit unusual, measuring your heart rate with the fingerprint scanner is possible with the Xiaomi 12 Pro. It can measure your heart rate. Just go to the settings, and special features, then choose heart rate, press start, and then hold your thumb on the fingerprint scanner area of the display.

Adjust Haptic Feedback Strength

You can do some subtle customization and change its haptic feedback strength. When you are typing on the keyboard or swiping on certain lists or controls, you will feel a subtle little tap in the phone that is called haptic feedback and you can actually adjust the strength of it to do.

So, head to the settings, find sound and vibration, and scroll down until you see the haptic feedback option. Toggle it off, if you do not want any at all, or slide the slider up and down until it reaches your desired strength.

Which Xiaomi 12 Pro Tips and Tricks is the best?

These are the Xiaomi 12 Pro Tips and Tricks that we have tried, what do you think about them? Which one is the best? Share your thoughts with us. If you want to learn more about the Xiaomi 12 Pro, read our article here.

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